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  • Oncogenic FGFR3–TACC3 gene fusions signal through phosphorylated PIN4 to trigger biogenesis of peroxisomes and synthesis of new proteins, enabling mitochondrial respiration and tumour growth.

    • Véronique Frattini
    • Stefano M. Pagnotta
    • Antonio Iavarone
  • Transposon tagging to clonally trace progenitors and stem cells provides evidence for a substantially revised roadmap for unperturbed haematopoiesis, and highlights unique properties of multipotent progenitors and haematopoietic stem cells in situ.

    • Alejo E. Rodriguez-Fraticelli
    • Samuel L. Wolock
    • Fernando D. Camargo
  • Tungstate inhibits molybdenum-cofactor-dependent microbial respiratory pathways and shows potential as a selective treatment for microbial imbalances that occur during inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract.

    • Wenhan Zhu
    • Maria G. Winter
    • Sebastian E. Winter
  • Two hypervirulent ribotypes of the enteric pathogen Clostridium difficile, RT027 and RT078, have independently acquired unique mechanisms to metabolize low concentrations of the disaccharide trehalose, suggesting a correlation between the emergence of these ribotypes and the widespread adoption of trehalose in the human diet.

    • J. Collins
    • C. Robinson
    • R. A. Britton
  • The star formation histories of galaxies, as encapsulated in their integrated optical spectra, depend on the mass of the black holes present at their centres.

    • Ignacio Martín-Navarro
    • Jean P. Brodie
    • Glenn van de Ven