Forms and declarations

On this page are links to the various forms you will need to fill in before your paper can be published.

Author checklist

Please download the manuscript checklist and amend your manuscript as appropriate.

Competing interests

Please include a declaration of competing interests at the end of the text of your manuscript. Nature's competing interests policy is described here.

Licence to publish

Nature Portfolio journals do not require authors to transfer the copyright of their published contributions for original research. Authors grant Springer Nature an exclusive licence to publish, in return for which they can reuse their papers in their future printed work without first requiring permission from the publisher.

Nature Portfolio’s policies are compatible with all major funders open access and self-archiving mandates.  For information on our self-archiving policies, please see - Self-archiving policies for journals

Authors of Reviews and Perspectives, and any other commissioned work will be provided with a copyright assignment agreement.

US government or Crown employees:

If you are employed by the US government or a Crown body (including Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Canada and Australia), you will be able to indicate this in the rights process following acceptance and an appropriate non exclusive licence will be sent to you to submit.


Authors publishing cryo-EM, NMR and X-ray crystallography data will need to download and complete the relevant forms to include as Extended Data tables.

Please read Nature's material and data access policy regarding structures prior to submission.


After you have returned your proofs, you and your co-authors can order printed reprints using the Nature Research reprint service.

You can also order copies of the issue in which your paper is published, poster reprints of the front cover, PDFs and other types of reprint using this service.

Policy reminder

Nature authors must make data and materials publicly available upon publication. This includes deposition of data into the relevant databases and arranging for them to be publicly released on the online publication date (not after). A description of our initiative to improve the transparency and the reproducibility of published results is available here. A full description of Nature’s publication policies is at the Nature Research Authors & Referees website.