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    Large disease data sets are helping scientists in China and beyond to identify molecular patterns for particular conditions.

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    Our sense of smell has a reputation for being underdeveloped — but this is ill-founded. The events of the past two years, in which millions of people lost their sense of smell to COVID-19, have put the spotlight on research emerging from the world of olfaction.

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    To study inequality is to confront a world of contrasts: excessive wealth next to palpable poverty; sickness abutting health.

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    The Telomere-to-Telomere (T2T) Consortium has generated the first complete human genome.

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    Founded in 1922, Shanghai University has kept pace with the city’s rapid growth. It focuses on the need for innovation and solutions in industry at regional and national levels, and takes a unique route to boost interdisciplinary interactions in research and education.

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    Recent missions to the asteroids Ryugu and Bennu have revealed that the surfaces of asteroids can be actively shaped by a variety of geological processes.

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    Recent technological progress has facilitated the study of how embryos develop, how embryonic cells transition between different states, how adult stem cells are maintained and differentiate, at unprecedented resolution.

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    This collection showcases France's achievements in science, technology and innovation.

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    Advances in genetic technologies and in the understanding of clinically relevant genetic variation are revolutionising how a whole range of diseases can be diagnosed and treated.

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    As the first wave of the COVID pandemic washed across the world, it left devastation in its wake – devastation that was persistently most acute among disadvantaged people and in marginalized communities.

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    Prompted by challenges experienced during the pandemic and their ratification of the Nagoya protocol, South Korea has developed a plan for the management and utlization of biological resources.

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