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    Science costs money How do researchers secure grants and manage the financial resources available to do good work, keep their labs afloat, and make the best of what they have?

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    Other than plain water, tea is the world’s favourite beverage. Researchers are now uncovering its biological secrets, opening the door to an array of potential benefits.

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    Genomics is the cornerstone of biomedical research, whether you are trying to understand disease mechanisms, creating drug discovery assays or developing therapeutics.

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    150 years after Mendeleev organized the elements by their characteristics, a special issue explores the enduring influence of this scientific masterpiece.

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    Failure is an essential part of the scientific process, but researchers can often struggle to come to terms with repeated knockbacks.

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    This collection combines published Research articles and Reviews from several Nature journals highlighting recent advances in our understanding of the role of the gut microbiota in health and disease, and the tools for studying these complex communities.

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    This collection showcases recent review articles and original research on active matter across a selection of Nature journals.

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    A host of the world’s richest people are partially responsible for the state of Washington’s rise as a leader in global public health research.

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    The first issue of Nature was published in November 1869. That makes 2019 our 150th anniversary year. Here, we are collecting articles that reflect Nature’s past, present and future, as well as that of the global research community we serve.

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    As the kingdom of Saudi Arabia makes significant strides in scientific research in line with Saudi Vision 2030, KAIMRC has been at the forefront of advancing medicine.

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