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  • First comprehensive global-impact project shows that water scarcity is a major worry.

    • Quirin Schiermeier
  • No plans to build next-generation accelerator despite large investment by US agency.

    • Eugenie Samuel Reich
  • Nature takes a look at what is in store for science in the new year.

    • Richard Van Noorden
  • Governments, funding agencies and universities must all do their bit to ensure that research is appropriately assessed and rewarded.

  • Fast-growing economies can learn from the West's mistakes and couple social and 'hard' sciences to address their own societal needs, says Colin Macilwain.

    • Colin Macilwain
    World View
  • By studying disadvantaged children, Richard Tremblay has traced the roots of chronic aggressive behaviour back as far as infancy. Now he hopes to go back further.

    • Stephen S. Hall
    News Feature
  • This week in science: Europe launches star-mapping mission, GSK to phase out physician fees, and geneticist Janet Rowley dies.

    Seven Days
  • Wnt signalling molecules are thought to direct the development of an organism by spreading through tissues. But flies grow with almost normal appendages even when their main Wnt protein cannot move. Two scientists discuss the implications of this finding for our understanding of development. See Article p.180

    • Ginés Morata
    • Gary Struhl
    News & Views
  • A genome-wide association study meta-analysis of more than 100,000 subjects of European and Asian ancestries reveals 42 new risk loci for rheumatoid arthritis, with follow-up studies identifying 98 biological candidate genes that are either already being targeted by drugs or could be in the future.

    • Yukinori Okada
    • Di Wu
    • Robert M. Plenge
  • Whole-exome sequencing and analysis of 115 cervical carcinoma–normal paired samples, in addition to transcriptome and whole-genome sequencing for a subset of these tumours, reveal novel genes mutated at significant levels within this cohort and provide evidence that HPV integration is a common mechanism for target gene overexpression; results also compare mutational landscapes between squamous cell carcinomas and adenocarcinomas.

    • Akinyemi I. Ojesina
    • Lee Lichtenstein
    • Matthew Meyerson
  • Replacement of the wingless (wg) gene in Drosophila with one that expresses a membrane-tethered form of Wg results in viable flies with normally patterned appendages of nearly the right size; early wg transcription and memory of signalling ensure continued target-gene expression in the absence of Wg release, even though the spread of Wg could boost cell proliferation.

    • Cyrille Alexandre
    • Alberto Baena-Lopez
    • Jean-Paul Vincent
  • Diffuse white matter injury is common in very preterm infants; here, enhanced epidermal growth factor receptor signalling in oligodendrocyte precursor cells in a mouse model of such injury is shown to increase cellular and functional recovery.

    • Joseph Scafidi
    • Timothy R. Hammond
    • Vittorio Gallo
  • A risk haplotype for type 2 diabetes is identified with four amino acid substitutions in SLC16A11, which is present at ∼50% frequency in Native American samples and ∼10% in east Asian samples, but is rare in European and African samples; SLC16A11 may alter hepatic lipid metabolism, causing an increase in triacylglycerol levels.

    • Amy L. Williams
    • Suzanne B. R. Jacobs
    • Teresa Tusié-Luna