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  • Head up to the heights of summer reading — picked by our regular reviewers — as labs and lecture halls empty.

    • Sharon Weinberger
    • Louise Humphrey
    • Marcus Munafò
    Summer Books
  • As labs and lecture halls empty, go out of this world with our regular reviewers' recommendations for stellar holiday reading.

    • Michael D. Gordin
    • John M. Marzluff
    • Adrian Woolfson
    Summer Books
  • Plunge into a profusion of brilliant summer reads suggested by regular reviewers and editors, far away from the lab and lecture hall.

    • Nathaniel Comfort
    • Kevin Padian
    • Sara Abdulla
    Summer Books
  • As the wild blue yonder beckons and labs and classrooms empty, Nature's regular reviewers share their holiday reads.

    • Callum Roberts
    • Ann Finkbeiner
    • Colin Sullivan
    Summer Books
  • With the yearly exodus from labs and lecture theatres imminent, Nature's regular reviewers and editors share some tempting holiday reads.

    • David Katz
    • Jim Bell
    • María Luisa Ávila-Jiménez
    Summer Books
  • With the annual exodus from labs and lecture theatres on the horizon, Nature's regular reviewers and editors share some gripping holiday reads.

    • Gillian Beer
    • Thomas Misa
    • Gabrielle Walker
    Summer Books
  • As holidays beckon, Nature's reviewers and editors offer a selection of reading for researchers away from the bench and lecture hall.

    • Sonja Lyubomirsky
    • Nick Salafsky
    • Bruno Scrosati
    Summer Books
  • David Orr explains how two environmentalists' manifestos bracket the debate on climate change — one favouring technological solutions, the other local interventions.

    • David Orr
    Summer Books