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  • A single dose of an adenine base editor shows promise in treating the ageing-related disease Hutchinson–Gilford progeria syndrome. It corrected the LMNA mutation underlying the disease in patient-derived cells and improved cardiovascular health and lifespan in mice.

    • Luke W. Koblan
    • Michael R. Erdos
    • David R. Liu
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  • An innovative approach to a phase II clinical trial aims to test the effects of multiple targeted treatments simultaneously in participants in the UK National Lung Matrix Trial. The design makes it possible to study small numbers of people with rare mutations in non-small-cell lung tumours.

    • Gary Middleton
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  • A global synthesis of experiments reveals that increases in plant biomass under conditions of elevated CO2 mean that plants need to mine the soil for nutrients, which decreases soil’s ability to store carbon. In forests, elevated CO2 generally seems to greatly increase plant biomass, but not soil carbon. In grasslands, by contrast, it causes small changes in biomass and large increases in soil carbon.

    • César Terrer
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  • Use of chromatin immunoprecipitation with exonuclease treatment (ChIP–exo) determines the positional organization of hundreds of chromosomal proteins throughout the Saccharomyces cerevisiae genome. The resulting ultra-high-resolution map provides insight into the regulation of genes, enhancers, replication origins, centromeres, subtelomeres and transposons.

    • B. Franklin Pugh
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  • A four-qubit quantum processor based on germanium hole spin quantum dots is presented. Universal quantum logic is demonstrated on qubits that are positioned in a two-by-two grid, revealing that spin qubits can be coupled in two dimensions.

    • Nico W. Hendrickx
    • Menno Veldhorst
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  • The first viruses to colonize the infant gut are shown to arise from bacteria, with human-cell viruses colonizing the gut later, at around four months of age. Exclusive and partial breastfeeding were associated with fewer human viruses in the gut of infants compared with formula-feeding alone.

    • Frederic D. Bushman
    • Guanxiang Liang
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  • In cells that divide symmetrically, a meshwork of actin cables is shown to maintain the uniform distribution of mitochondria around the mitotic spindle. Actin clouds and comet tails are assembled dynamically to shuffle mitochondria locally and ensure the equal and random inheritance of these organelles by the two daughter cells.

    • Andrew S. Moore
    • Erika L. F. Holzbaur
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  • The first gapless, telomere-to-telomere sequence of a human autosome, chromosome 8, is complete. Sequencing and assembly of the corresponding centromere in the chimpanzee, orangutan and macaque reveals details of its rapid evolution over the past 25 million years.

    • Glennis A. Logsdon
    • Evan E. Eichler
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  • Large-area display textiles can be produced by weaving transparent conductive weft and luminescent warp fibres using an industrial rapier loom. The integration of interactive functionalities, such as a keyboard and power supply, with the display textile forms an electronic textile system that can serve as a communication tool.

    • Xiang Shi
    • Peining Chen
    • Huisheng Peng
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