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  • A boreal conifer is advancing northwards into Arctic tundra, with this treeline advance facilitated by climate warming together with winter winds, deeper snow and increased soil nutrient availability.

    • Roman J. Dial
    • Colin T. Maher
    • Patrick F. Sullivan
    Article Open Access
  • A synthetic cell-cell adhesion logic using swarming E. coli with 4 bits of information is introduced, enabling the programming of interfaces that combine to form universal tessellation patterns over a large scale.

    • Honesty Kim
    • Dominic J. Skinner
    • Ingmar H. Riedel-Kruse
    Article Open Access
  • Oxygen isotope compositions of dated magmatic zircon show that the Pilbara Craton in Western Australia, Earth’s best-preserved Archaean continental remnant, was built in three stages initiated by a giant meteorite impact.

    • Tim E. Johnson
    • Christopher L. Kirkland
    • Michael I. H. Hartnady
  • A time-resolved high-resolution map of human cardiac remodelling after myocardial infarction, integrating single-cell transcriptomic, chromatin accessibility and spatial transcriptomic data, provides a valuable resource for the field.

    • Christoph Kuppe
    • Ricardo O. Ramirez Flores
    • Rafael Kramann
  • Data from multiple satellite sensors show that Antarctica lost almost 37,000 km2 of ice-shelf area from 1997 to 2021, and that calving losses are as important as ice-shelf thinning.

    • Chad A. Greene
    • Alex S. Gardner
    • Alexander D. Fraser
  • Sequencing of individual human lymphocyte clones shows that they are highly prone to mutations, with higher burdens in memory cells than in naive cells arising from mutational processes associated with differentiation and tissue residency.

    • Heather E. Machado
    • Emily Mitchell
    • Peter J. Campbell
    Article Open Access
  • Fabrication of a low-dimensional metal halide perovskite superlattice by chemical epitaxy is reported, with a criss-cross two-dimensional network parallel to the substrate, leading to efficient carrier transport in three dimensions.

    • Yusheng Lei
    • Yuheng Li
    • Sheng Xu
  • A bacterial antiviral defence system generates a cyclic tri-adenylate that binds to a TIR–SAVED effector, inducing formation of a superhelical structure with adjacent TIR domains organizing into an active site, allowing NAD+ degradation.

    • Gaëlle Hogrel
    • Abbie Guild
    • Malcolm F. White
  • Slow nonlinearities of a free-running microresonator-filtered fibre laser are shown to transform temporal cavity solitons into the system’s dominant attractor, leading to reliable self-starting oscillation of microcavity-solitons that are naturally robust to perturbations.

    • Maxwell Rowley
    • Pierre-Henry Hanzard
    • Alessia Pasquazi
    Article Open Access
  • Nutrient manipulation of low-phosphorus soil in an old growth Amazon rainforest shows that phosphorus availability drives forest productivity and is likely to limit the response to increasing atmospheric CO2 concentrations.

    • Hellen Fernanda Viana Cunha
    • Kelly M. Andersen
    • Carlos Alberto Quesada
  • Stochastic cooling at optical frequencies is demonstrated in an experiment at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory’s Integrable Optics Test Accelerator, substantially increasing the bandwidth of stochastic cooling compared with conventional systems.

    • J. Jarvis
    • V. Lebedev
    • A. Valishev
    Article Open Access