World View in 2016

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  • If politicians can lie without condemnation, what are scientists to do? Kathleen Higgins offers some explanation.

    • Kathleen Higgins
    World View
  • Ahead of a key meeting on endocrine-disrupting chemicals, Leonardo Trasande argues that policy must follow the science.

    • Leonardo Trasande
    World View
  • We must start an ambitious and professional global programme to explore and preserve invertebrate biodiversity, says Axel Hochkirch.

    • Axel Hochkirch
    World View
  • In the final days before the US election, political leaders must speak out to boost confidence in the democratic process, says Andrew Daniller.

    • Andrew Daniller
    World View
  • To protect endangered species from extinction, the ecological community must become more politically involved, argues Aaron M. Ellison.

    • Aaron M. Ellison
    World View
  • ‘Academic capitalism’ contributed to the mishandling of the Macchiarini case by officials at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, argues Olof Hallonsten.

    • Olof Hallonsten
    World View
  • Human–animal embryos have great biomedical potential — but scientists will have to quell public alarm if funding for such work is restored, says Insoo Hyun.

    • Insoo Hyun
    World View
  • An archive of material from all sides of the UK genetic-modification controversy is up and running and welcomes contributions, says Vivian Moses.

    • Vivian Moses
    World View
  • The government must accompany its action plan on soil quality with effective laws and remediation measures, says Hong Yang.

    • Hong Yang
    World View