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  • The discovery of the Higgs boson will complete the standard model — but it could also point the way to a deeper understanding, says Gordon Kane.

    • Gordon Kane
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  • In two decades of covering climate-change negotiations, Frank McDonald, has seen youthful hope fight dark forces, and a distant threat become a reality.

    • Frank McDonald
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  • Sharing data could help to avert scandals like the Diederik Stapel revelations, and improve the quality of research, says Jelte M. Wicherts.

    • Jelte M. Wicherts
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  • The United Nations must include sustainability in its quality-of-life index to encourage countries to develop responsibly, says Chuluun Togtokh.

    • Chuluun Togtokh
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  • The extensive academic fraud of Diederik Stapel has rocked science. Social psychologist Jennifer Crocker traces the destructive path that cheats follow.

    • Jennifer Crocker
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  • A decade on from a landmark genetic-sequencing study, promised progress on typhoid fever has not materialized, says Stephen Baker.

    • Stephen Baker
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  • Global economics, not declining sea ice, is driving ships to the Arctic Ocean. Only international regulation will protect the region, says Lawson Brigham.

    • Lawson Brigham
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  • Many of the studies that use animals to model human diseases are too small and too prone to bias to be trusted, says Malcolm Macleod.

    • Malcolm Macleod
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  • An ambitious US programme aims to turn scientists into entrepreneurs. Go on, says Steve Blank, unleash your inner capitalist.

    • Steve Blank
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  • Home-made bombs are being sent to physicists in Mexico. Colleagues around the world should ensure their own security, urges Gerardo Herrera Corral.

    • Gerardo Herrera Corral
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  • The proposed cancellation of NASA's latest space telescope shows the difficulties ahead. But there is a solution, says Michael S. Turner.

    • Michael Turner
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