Journal Metrics

Article metrics such as number of downloads, citations and online attention are available from each article page, and provide an overview of the attention received by a paper.

The 2017 peer review performance metrics (as median time in calendar days) for Nature are shown below:

  • Submission to first editorial decision: 9
  • Submission to first post-review decision: 43
  • Submission to Accept: 193

The 2018 journal metrics for Nature are as follows:

  • 2-year Impact Factor: 43.070
  • 5-year Impact Factor: 45.819
  • Immediacy Index: 9.435
  • Eigenfactor® Score: 1.285010
  • Article Influence Score: 22.396
  • 2-year Median: 26

For a further description of these metrics and a summary of the metrics for all Nature journals, visit our journal metrics page. More information underlying our approach to journal metrics may be found here.