About the Editors

Magdalena Skipper, Editor in Chief, London

Magdalena is a geneticist by training and has considerable editorial and publishing experience: having started in Nature Publishing Group in 2001, she was Chief Editor of Nature Reviews Genetics, Senior Editor for genetics and genomics at Nature, and more recently Executive Editor for the Nature Partner Journals. Before joining Nature as Editor in Chief she was Editor in Chief of Nature Communications. She studied sex determination at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, UK, and Notch signalling in the vertebrate gut epithelium at the ICRF Laboratories (CRUK today), London. She is passionate about mentorship, transparent science and clarity in science communication. She has a keen interest in innovation in science publishing. Magdalena is based in the London office.

Ritu Dhand, Nature Editorial Director, London

Ritu Dhand was appointed Nature Editorial Director in May 2014 overseeing editorial strategy and management of Nature, Nature Communications and the Nature Research and Review Journals. Ritu joined Nature in January 1999 as the cancer and signalling editor and was promoted to the Chief Biological Sciences Editor, Nature in 2001 where she had oversight over content and managed the Nature life Sciences team for 13 years. Prior to that, she spent over 10 years in cancer research, completing her PhD at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research and University College London, London and a postdoctoral fellowship at the Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute, Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto. Ritu studied Genetics at Queen Mary and Westfield College, University of London and undertook a masters in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at University College, London.

Helen Pearson, Chief Magazine Editor, London

Helen oversees all the magazine content for Nature, including news, features and opinion. She joined Natureas a reporter back in 2001, and has been writing and editing articles for the journal ever since. Her own stories have won accolades including the Wistar Institute Science Journalism Award and two best feature awards from the Association of British Science Writers. Helen has a degree in natural sciences from the University of Cambridge, a PhD in genetics and in 2016 she became an author, publishing a critically-acclaimed popular science book called The Life Project. She is based in London.

Biological sciences

Francesca Cesari, Chief Biological Sciences Editor, London

Education: BSc, Università di Roma, La Sapienza; PhD, University of Tübingen; postdoctoral work, The Wellcome Trust/Cancer Research UK Gurdon Institute, Cambridge.
Areas of responsibility include: overseeing editorial content and management of biological sciences team

Victoria Aranda, Senior Editor, Biology, New York

Education: BSc, Biochemistry, and PhD, Biochemistry, University of Navarra, Spain; postdoctoral work, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.
Areas of responsibility include: cancer, translational medicine, gene therapy, genome editing, biotechnology.

Anna Armstrong, Senior Editor, Biology, London

Education: BSc and  PhD, University of York; postdoctoral work, Australian National University and University of York.
Areas of responsibility include: ecology, agriculture.

Orli Bahcall, Senior Editor, Biology, New York

Education: BSc, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; MSc, Oxford University; PhD, Imperial College, London.
Areas of responsibility include: genetics, genomics, molecular evolution.

I-han Chou, Senior Editor, Biology, San Francisco

Education: BA, Psychology, Harvard University; PhD, Brain and Cognitive Sciences, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; postdoctoral work, University of California, San Francisco.
Areas of responsibility include: neuroscience (including sensory and motor systems, decision making, executive function, psychiatric disease) social sciences, health sciences.

Tanguy Chouard, Senior Editor, Biology, London

Education: BSc, Ecole Polytechnique, France; PhD, Pasteur Institute; post-doctoral work, HHMI-University of California, Los Angeles.
Areas of responsibility include: neurobiology, systems biology, synthetic biology, protein folding and design.

Alex Eccleston, Senior Editor, Biology, London

Education: BSc, University of Durham; PhD, Imperial Cancer Research Fund; postdoctoral fellowship, Onyx Pharmaceuticals.
Areas of responsibility include: transcription, chromatin, epigenetics, signal transduction, proteomics.

Angela K. Eggleston, Senior Editor, Biology, Boston

Education: BSc, Microbiology, and MSc, Molecular Genetics, University of Notre Dame; PhD, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Northwestern University; postdoctoral work, Imperial Cancer Research Fund (Clare Hall Laboratories) and HHMI-Children's Hospital Boston.
Areas of responsibility include: DNA structure and metabolism, RNA structure and metabolism, biophysics of motor proteins and photosystems, bibliometrics.

Henry Gee, Senior Editor, Biology, London

Education: BSc, University of Leeds; PhD, University of Cambridge.
Areas of responsibility include: evolutionary biology including integrative and comparative biology, palaeontology, archaeology, evolutionary developmental biology, taxonomy and systematics, general zoology and botany.

Noah Gray, Senior Editor, Biology, New York

Education: BSc, University of Notre Dame; PhD, Mayo Clinic and Graduate School; postdoctoral work, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and Janelia Farm Research Campus.
Areas of responsibility include: neurodevelopment, neural circuits and plasticity, learning and memory, language and social neuroscience.

Marie-Thèrése Heemels, Senior Editor, Biology, London

Education: BSc and MSc, Free University Amsterdam; PhD, Netherlands Cancer Institute and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Areas of responsibility include: neurodegeneration, ageing, general physiology.

Christina Tobin Kåhrström, Senior Editor, Biology, London

Education: BSc, Biomedical Science, Dublin Institute of Technology; PhD, Microbiology, Uppsala University.
Areas of responsibility include: microbiology.

Bryden Le Bailly, Senior Editor, Biology, London

Education: MSci, University of Bristol; PhD, University of Manchester; postdoctoral work, University of Manchester and University of Bristol.
Areas of responsibility include: chemical biology, membrane transport (including channels and transporters), enzymology, metabolic engineering.

Nathalie Le Bot, Senior Editor, Biology, London

Education: BSc, Ecole Normale Supérieure d’Ulm; PhD, EMBL, Heidelberg; postdoctoral work, The Wellcome Trust/Cancer Research UK Gurdon Institute, Cambridge.
Areas of responsibility include: stem cells, development, angiogenesis.

Barbara Marte, Senior Editor, Biology, London

Education: Diploma in Human Biology, University of Marburg; PhD, Cell Biology, University of Basel; postdoctoral work, Imperial Cancer Research Fund.
Areas of responsibility include: cancer, cell cycle.

Sadaf Shadan, Senior Editor, Biology, London

Education: BSc, King's College London; PhD, University of Cambridge; postdoctoral work, University College London.
Areas of responsibility include: cell biology, plant biology.

Clare Thomas, Senior Editor, Biology, London

Education: BSc, Biochemistry, University of Sheffield; PhD, Virology and Gene Therapy, University of Leeds; postdoctoral work, University of Manchester and Stanford University.
Areas of responsibility include: virology, cardiac development, disease and regeneration.

Vesna Todorović, Senior Editor, Biology, New York

Education: BSc, Molecular Biology and Physiology, Belgrade University; PhD, International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, Trieste and University of Belgrade; postdoctoral work, NYU Langone Medical Center and Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, USA.
Areas of responsibility include: vascular biology, metabolism (including organismal, microbial, cellular, plant).

Ursula Weiss, Senior Editor, Biology, London

Education: PhD, Biochemistry, Baylor College of Medicine, postdoctoral work, Immunology, Institute for Genetics, Cologne.
Areas of responsibility include: immunology, vaccine development, immunotherapies.

Physical, Chemical and Earth Sciences

Karl Ziemelis, Chief Physical Sciences Editor, London

Education: BA, natural sciences, University of Cambridge. 
Areas of responsibility: overseeing physical sciences editorial content and management.

Rosamund Daw, Senior Editor, Physical Sciences, London

Education: BEng, materials science and engineering, University of Sheffield; PhD, materials science, University of Sheffield; postdoctoral fellowship, bioengineering, University of Washington, Seattle. 
Areas of responsibility include: materials science.

Gaia Donati, Associate Editor, Physical Sciences, London

Education: MA physics, Sapienza Università di Roma; PhD atomic and laser physics, University of Oxford.
Areas of responsibility include: pure and applied physics.

Luke Fleet, Senior Editor, Physical Sciences, London

Education: MPhys, Physics, University of York; PhD semiconductor spintronics, University of York; Postdoctoral work, Imperial College London and University College London.
Areas of responsibility include: physics and electronics.

Claire Hansell, Senior Editor, Physical Sciences, London

Education: MA natural sciences & MSci chemistry, University of Cambridge; PhD polymer chemistry, University of Warwick.
Areas of responsibility include: materials and chemistry.

Magdalena Helmer, Senior Editor, Physical Sciences, London

Education: Vordiplom, chemistry, University of Tübingen; MS, marine and atmospheric chemistry, University of Florida; PhD, environmental sciences, University of East Anglia. 
Areas of responsibility include: chemistry.

Bryden Le Bailly, Senior Editor, Physical Sciences, London

Education: MSci, University of Bristol; PhD, University of Manchester; post-doctoral work Universities of Manchester and Bristol.
Areas of responsibility include: organic and biological chemistry.

Juliane Mössinger, Senior Editor, Physical Sciences, London

Education: BSc chemistry and environmental chemistry, University of Wales; MPhil and PhD, atmospheric chemistry, University of Cambridge; research fellowship, University of Cambridge. 
Areas of responsibility include: biogeochemical cycles, geomorphology, atmospheric chemistry and environmental science.

Tobias Rödel, Associate Editor, Physical Sciences, Berlin

Education: MA nanostructure technology, Universität Würzburg; PhD solid state physics, Université Paris-Sud; postdoctoral work, University of Luxembourg
Areas of responsibility include: condensed matter and solid-state physics.

Leslie Sage, Senior Editor, Physical Sciences, Washington DC

Education: PhD, astronomy, Stony Brook University; postdoctoral fellowships at New Mexico Tech and the Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy; assistant professorship University of Nevada at Las Vegas; research associate position, University of Maryland. 
Areas of responsibility include: astronomy, planetary science and physics.

John VanDecar, Senior Editor, Physical Sciences, London

Education: BSc, geophysics, Texas A&M University; PhD, geophysics, University of Washington; postdoctoral fellowships at Utrecht University, and Carnegie Institution of Washington DC.
Areas of responsibility include: geology, geophysics, and geochemistry of the solid Earth and terrestrial planets.

Michael White, Senior Editor, Physical Sciences, San Francisco

Education: BA, environmental science, University of Virginia; MS, forestry, University of Montana; PhD, remote sensing and ecological modeling; postdoctoral fellowship, University of Montana.
Areas of responsibility include: climate sciences.

News and Features

Celeste Biever, Chief News & Features Editor, London

Celeste oversees Nature's online and print news. She joined Nature in 2014 after working at New Scientist for 11 years, where her most recent role was online and deputy news editor. At New Scientist she has at various times been a news editor for physics, biomedical sciences and technology as well as a US correspondent covering technology from the magazine's Boston office. She has master's and undergraduate degrees in chemistry from the University of Oxford and a post-graduate diploma in journalism from City University of London.

Ewen Callaway, Locum Bureau Chief, Europe

Ewen joined Nature in August 2010, after 2 years at New Scientist as Boston-based biomedical reporter. He attended the science writing program at the University of California, Santa Cruz and earned a masters degree in microbiology at the University of Washington. He spends his free time learning to bicycle on the left side of the road.

Lauren Morello, Bureau Chief, Americas, Washington DC

Lauren is Nature's US news editor. She studied chemistry at Drew University and earned a master's degree in science journalism at Boston University. Lauren was previously a reporter covering climate change science and policy at ClimateWire. She has also written extensively about oceanography, ecology, nanotechnology, and biotechnology, and she spent several years as a beat reporter covering the US Congress.

Nicky Phillips, Asia-Pacific Bureau Chief, Sydney

Nicky joined Nature in mid-2017, after 2 years editing the Nature Index. Before that, Nicky was a science reporter, then editor, at the Sydney Morning Herald in Australia. She also worked as a radio reporter and producer at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. She has degrees in science (physiology) and journalism.

Anna Nagle, Chief Editor, Digital & Engagement, London

Anna joined Nature in 2014. She oversees the magazine’s online presence, social media activity, and obsesses over the website’s analytics. Anna has written for New Scientist, Science, and a number of other specialist publications. She was previously News Editor at Chemistry World and Senior Editor at the Centre for Education Research and Practice, and studied Science Communication and Policy at University College London.

Josie Allchin, Social Media Engagement Editor, London

Josie oversees the Nature News and Comment social media channels. Previously to joining Nature, Josie held various digital editor roles at a financial news publisher and at a marketing and communications magazine. She has an undergraduate degree in philosophy from Cardiff University and a Postgraduate Diploma in journalism.

Flora Graham, Senior Editor, Nature Briefing, London

Flora writes the daily Nature Briefing email, covering everything that matters in science, from Nature and beyond. Previously she was Digital Editor at New Scientist and a technology and physics reporter for the BBC, CBC, and CNET. Flora has a BSc in Physics and English from the University of British Columbia and an MSc in science communication from Imperial College London.
briefing#nature.com or subscribe to the Briefing 

Nisha Gaind, Bureau Chief, Europe

Nisha has been with Nature since 2013, and moved into her current position in July 2018. She has a MSci degree in astrophysics and physical chemistry from University College London.

Jane J. Lee, News Editor, Washington DC

Jane joined Nature in 2016. She was previously a reporter and editor with National Geographic covering the natural sciences and atmospheric science. Jane was also a freelance earth science editor for Smithsonian’s online news. Her stories have appeared in Wired.com*, Science, and the San Jose Mercury News. Jane is an alumnae of the science communication program at the University of California, Santa Cruz and has a masters degree in marine biology from UCLA.

Traci Watson, Associate Editor, Research Highlights, Washington DC

Traci joined Nature in 2017. She studied cell biology at Amherst College and science journalism at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Prior to joining Nature full-time, she wrote frequently for the news section about palaeontology and biology. Her work has also appeared in Science and Archaeology, among others. During a stint as a daily newspaper reporter, she covered everything from NASA to terrorist attacks to pop stars.

Richard Monastersky, Chief Features Editor, Washington DC

Richard joined Nature in 2008, writing and editing features on geosciences, climate, environment and other gloomy topics. Before that, he was a reporter and editor at The Chronicle of Higher Education and he covered earth sciences at Science News magazine. In more than two decades as a journalist, he has reported science stories from every continent and won several awards.

Rachel Courtland, Locum Features Editor, New York

Rachel joined Nature in mid-2017 to edit features in the physical sciences. Previously, she was an editor at the technology magazine IEEE Spectrum and worked as a physics and astronomy reporter for New Scientist. She holds degrees in physics and is an alumna of the science communication programme at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Rachel.courtland#us.nature.com*

Brendan Maher, Features Editor, New York

Brendan officially joined Nature in April 2009 after freelancing for the magazine for two years editing features and commentaries. Before that, he was a senior editor for The Scientist. He has been writing and editing life science news for more than eight years. 

Kerri Smith, Features Editor, London

Kerri edits and writes for the features section, covering life sciences. She joined Nature in 2006, as an intern in the newly-minted podcast department. For 11 years she presented and produced the award-winning Nature Podcast and other documentary and roundtable audio series, alongside writing for the news and features sections. Kerri has a degree in human sciences and an MSc in neuroscience from the University of Oxford, and an MSc in science communication from Imperial College London. 

Richard Van Noorden, Features Editor, London

Richard joined Nature in January 2009 as a reporter and subsequently a senior reporter covering chemistry, materials, energy and science publishing, and moved into his current position in 2015. Previously, he was a reporter and editor at Chemistry World. He has a master's degree in natural sciences from the University of Cambridge. r.vannoorden#nature.com*

Declan Butler, Senior Reporter, Paris

Declan joined Nature in 1993, and writes on everything from global health, information technology, publishing, and science in France, to nuclear power and proliferation. He has a degree in biology from Queen's University, Belfast, and a PhD from the University of Leeds. He was made a Chevalier of France's National Order of Merit in 2003 for service to science and society.

Davide Castelvecchi, Senior Reporter, Physical Sciences

Davide covers physics, chemistry, cosmology, energy, mathematics and computer science. He joined Nature in 2012 as assistant online news editor and later deputy news editor, before moving into his current position in 2015. Previously he has been a physical sciences reporter at Science News and a senior editor at Scientific American. He has a PhD in mathematics from Stanford University and a degree in science writing from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

David Cyranoski, Asia-Pacific Correspondent, Shanghai

David had worked in Japan for several years before moving into journalism with Nature in 2000. His varied employment history includes translation for a semiconductor-manufacturing equipment company and teaching history to foreign exchange students. As a Nature correspondent, first in Tokyo and then, since December 2013, in Shanghai, he covers a variety of topics with a special interest in stem cells.

Holly Else, Reporter, London

Holly writes about the ways that scientists conduct research and communicate their findings. Before joining Nature in 2018, she wrote about research policy and universities for Times Higher Education, and she has experience reporting on engineering, infectious diseases and public health. She studied biomedical science at the University of Sheffield and has a master’s degree in science communication from Imperial College London. holly.else#nature.com

Elizabeth Gibney, Senior Reporter, London

Elizabeth joined Nature as a physical sciences reporter in 2013, after working for Times Higher Education and UK-based science policy publications Research Fortnight and Research Europe. Before that she spent two years as a staff writer at CERN, Europe’s high-energy physics laboratory. Elizabeth has a degree in natural sciences from the University of Cambridge and a MSc in science communication from Imperial College London.

Heidi Ledford, Senior Reporter, London

Heidi writes about biology and medicine, and has a PhD from the University of California, Berkeley. Heidi has written for The Oregonian, edited for the Berkeley Science Review, and freelanced for a few other publications.

Amy Maxmen, Senior Reporter, San Francisco

Amy joined Nature in 2017, covering the entanglements of evolution, medicine, policy and of the people involved with research. Her stories have appeared in Nature, Wired and Newsweek, among other outlets. Amy's feature on the origin of humanity was anthologized in The Best American Science and Nature Writing 2015, and she won the 2016 Science in Society Journalism Award from the National Association of Science Writers for a piece on Ebola. Before becoming a journalist, she received a PhD in evolution from Harvard. 

Sara Reardon, Senior Reporter, Washington DC

Sara joined Nature in 2013 and writes about biomedical research and policy. She has previously written for New Scientist and Science, and has a master's degree in molecular biology from the University of Washington.

Quirin Schiermeier, German Correspondent, Munich

Since 1999, Quirin has written for Nature about science and related policy in Germany, the European Union, Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. He is particularly interested in climate, oceanography, fisheries and the Earth sciences. Before joining Nature, Quirin worked as a cartographer. He graduated in geography, statistics and economics from the University of Munich.

Jeff Tollefson, Reporter, Washington DC

Jeff came to Nature from Congressional Quarterly, where he covered energy, climate and the environment for two years. Before that he was a Knight fellow in science journalism at MIT; a science reporter at the Santa Fe New Mexican, where he covered Los Alamos and the national labs among other topics; and a general assignment reporter at the Billings Gazette for which he covered Yellowstone National Park. Jeff has won a number of accolades, including New Mexico press awards for pieces on pollution and nuclear-weapons work at Los Alamos National Laboratory. He is originally from Wyoming and has studied French, Russian and Portuguese.

Alexandra Witze, Retained Correspondent, Boulder, Colorado

Alex covers the Earth and planetary sciences, with a little dabbling in astronomy. She studied geology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and science communication at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Among other places she has worked as a journalist for Science News and the Dallas Morning News; she also ran Nature's US news operations from Washington DC between 2005 and 2010. Alex rejoined the journal in 2013.

Comment, Editorials, Books & Arts, Correspondence, Obituaries

Sara Abdulla, Chief Opinion Editor, London

Education: BSc, mathematics, Imperial College; MSc, crystallography, Birkbeck College (University of London).
Areas of responsibility include: overseeing editorial content and management of Comment sections, including: Comment, Books & Arts, Correspondence and Obituaries.

Joanne Baker, Comment Editor

Education: MA, natural sciences, University of Cambridge, UK; PhD Astrophysics, University of Sydney; postdoc positions at University of Cambridge; University of California, Berkeley; University of Oxford
Areas of responsibility include: physical and earth sciences

Rosalind Cotter, Correspondence Editor, London

Education: BSc, chemistry, Westfield College London; PhD, biophysics, Kings College London
Areas of responsibility include: Correspondence, Communications Arising

Barbara Kiser, Books and Arts Editor

Barbara handles arts and book reviews for Nature. A veteran of science journalism (New Scientist and Nature), she has also worked as an editor and writer — focusing on environment, development and policy — at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN, International Maritime Organization, SciDev.Net and the International Institute for Environment and Development. She has a degree in English literature from Vassar College in New York.

Lucy Odling-Smee, Senior Comment Editor, San Francisco

Education: MA, natural sciences, University of Cambridge, UK; PhD, evolutionary ecology, University of Edinburgh. 
Areas of responsibility include: biological sciences.

Monya Baker, Comment Editor, San Francisco

Monya joined Nature in 2007. She has an undergraduate degree in biology from Carleton College and an EdM from Harvard University. Areas of responsibility include how researchers can do better science. .

News & Views

Andrew Mitchinson, Chief Editor, News & Views, London

Education: BSc Hons, chemistry, University of Durham; PhD, chemistry, University of Newcastle upon Tyne.
Areas of responsibility include: chemistry, materials science, geochemistry, climate science and biochemistry.

Jennifer Gardiner, Senior Editor, News & Views, Biological Sciences, London

Education: BSc Hons, genetics, University of Nottingham; PhD, developmental genetics, King’s College London; postdoctoral fellowship, Institute of Cancer Research, London.
Areas of responsibility include: molecular biology, neuroscience, metabolism, developmental biology, stem cells, systems biology, genetics, genomics and epigenetics.

Mary Abraham, Associate Editor, News & Views, Biological Sciences, London

Education: BA Hons, MSci, natural sciences, University of Cambridge; PhD Rockefeller University, developmental genetics; postdoctoral fellowships, University of Oxford and Yale University.
Areas of responsibility include: cancer, translational medicine, immunology, microbiology, cell biology, ecology, evolutionary biology, plant biology, palaeontology and social sciences.

Ryan Wilkinson, Associate Editor, News & Views, Physical Sciences, London

Education: MPhys Hons, theoretical physics, University of Durham; PhD, astroparticle physics, University of Durham.
Areas of responsibility include: applied physics, astronomy and astrophysics, atomic and molecular physics, condensed matter physics, nuclear physics, optical physics, particle physics and quantum physics.


David Payne, Chief Careers Editor, London

David joined Nature in October 2016 from The British Medical Journal, where he was online editor. His journalism career began in 1990 as a general news reporter on a local evening newspaper. He then worked for UK GP magazine Pulse, Nursing Times, and The Food Standards Agency, where he managed its website and print publications. David has a degree in English and a postgraduate diploma in journalism. 

Karen Kaplan, Senior Editor, Careers, Washington DC

Karen came to Nature's careers section in December 2008 after stints at Physics Today; a handful of business publishers in Washington DC and Charleston, South Carolina; and The Day, an independent daily newspaper in New London, Connecticut. Karen, who has degrees in English and mass communications, cut her teeth in the journalism business at The Day, where she was a business reporter and editor covering big pharma. 

Jack Leeming, Naturejobs Editor, London

Jack joined Nature in 2015. He produces Spotlights and Career Guides for the magazine, and manages the Naturejobs blog and wider careers community. He holds a master’s degree in chemistry from the University of Hull. 

Jeffrey Perkel, Technology Editor, New York

Jeffrey Perkel has been writing and editing stories about laboratory technology since 2000, first as senior editor for Technology at The Scientist magazine and then as a freelance science writer. His work has appeared in BioTechniques, Nature, Science, and various American Chemical Society journals, among other outlets. He has a doctorate in cell and molecular biology from the University of Pennsylvania, and did postdoctoral work at the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard Medical School. He joined Nature in 2016. 


Herb Brody, Boston

Herb joined Nature in 2010 as Supplements Editor. He has a BSc in physics from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Previously, he was an editor at MIT's Technology Review magazine, which covers the societal, business, and policy impacts of scientific research and emerging technology.

Richard Hodson, Supplements Editor, London

Richard commissions and edits content for the Nature Outlook supplements. He joined Nature in 2015 after completing an MA in science journalism at City University London. Prior to that, he studied biomedical science at King’s College London, with particular focus on human physiology in extreme conditions.


Charlotte Stoddart, Head of Multimedia, London

Charlotte joined Nature in 2007 after a brief stint with BBC Radio and after completing an MSc in science communication at Imperial College London. Before that, she studied natural sciences at the University of Cambridge, taking courses in everything from physiology and ecology to the history and philosophy of science. She also squeezed in two years teaching English and learning Japanese in Japan. At Nature, Charlotte spends most of her time directing and editing short films as well as occasionally contributing to the weekly Nature Podcast.

Noah Baker, Senior Multimedia  Editor, London

Noah produces short films for Nature Video and also presents and creates audio content for the NaturePodcast. He joined Nature in 2013 after working on several independent documentary projects, for cinema and the web. Noah has a BSc in Zoology and an MSc In Science Media Production both from Imperial College London.

Shamini Bundell, Multimedia Editor, London

Shamini joined the Nature Multimedia team in 2015 after almost six years in television where she worked on science documentaries for the BBC and others. She now produces short form content for Nature Video as well as contributing to the Nature Podcast. Shamini studied natural sciences at the University of Cambridge and then completed an MSc in Science Media Production at Imperial College London.

Benjamin Thompson, Senior Multimedia Editor, London

Benjamin joined the Nature Multimedia team in 2017, prior to which he worked at the Microbiology Society and the Wellcome Trust. Benjamin was awarded a PhD in Microbiology from the University of East Anglia in 2010.

Publishing & Management

Managing Director Dean Sanderson

Dean Sanderson was appointed Managing Director in May 2016, promoted from his previous position as Commercial Director. Dean joined what was then Nature Publishing Group in June 2008 from sister organization Scientific American, where he managed the company’s international subsidiaries, joint ventures and license partners. Prior to that, Dean spent over twenty years in the consumer media industry in both North America and Europe. He began his career at Gruner+Jahr, the consumer magazine unit of Bertelsmann AG, in Hamburg, Germany, before moving on to manage the company’s portfolio of parenthood magazines in New York. At Scientific American he spent five years as managing director of its German subsidiary in Heidelberg, Spektrum der Wissenschaft, subsequently returning to New York to manage all its international businesses. Dean studied German literature at the University of Michigan before getting an MBA in international business and marketing at the same institution.

Editorial and Publishing Directors: Mariette DiChristina, Alison Mitchell

Mariette DiChristina is Director of Editorial & Publishing for Nature Research Magazines, overseeing the global editorial teams for Nature magazine, NRG Partnership & Custom Media and Scientific American. She was appointed as a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in 2011 and is on the executive board of Science Counts. She was honored as a "Corporate Visionary" in Folio's 2014 Top Women in Digital Media. She is past president of the National Association of Science Writers in the U.S. and was an adjunct professor and Visiting Scholar in the graduate Science, Health and Environmental Reporting program at New York University for the several years.

Alison Mitchell is Director of Editorial & Publishing for Nature Research Journals, overseeing a staff of over 400 professional editors, copy editors and assistants. Alison has a PhD in the molecular biology of genetic recombination from Imperial College, London, and has held editorial and publishing positions with the Nature journals for over 20 years. Alison is responsible for the research content in Nature, Nature Communications, the Nature Research Journals and the Nature Reviews Journals. She is also Chief Publishing Advisor for Springer Nature, leading publishing developments across the company including the SharedIt content sharing initiative and the company’s support of ORCID.

Publishing Directors: James Butcher (Journals), Richard Hughes (Magazines)

James Butcher is Publishing Director of the Nature journals, responsible for the research publishing activities of the existing titles and for launching new Nature journals. Before that he worked on our two broad-scope open-access journals—Nature Communications and Scientific Reports—helping to nurture them during their early years. James joined Nature Publishing Group in 2008 as Publisher of the Nature Clinical Practice journals and later became Publisher of the Nature Reviews portfolio. Between 2000 and 2007 he worked at The Lancet, first as a Senior Editor then as Executive Editor; he launched The Lancet Neurology, as Editor, in 2002. James was awarded a PhD in neurophysiology from the University of Bristol in 1998.

Richard Hughes is Publishing Director for Nature’s magazine content including multimedia. Richard joined what was then Nature Publishing Group in 2012 and helped to establish a new business that provides content marketing solutions for partners. Prior to Nature, Richard managed a list of clinical journals at Wiley. He holds scientific degrees from the University of Southampton and the University of Bath, and an MBA from Henley Business School. Richard is based in London.

Executive Vice President, Advertising and Sponsorship: Jack Laschever

Jack Laschever was appointed EVP for Global Advertising and Sponsorship in April 2015, having spent more than 30 years in the media industry. Prior to joining the company, Jack served in various roles at Forbes Media including as Chief Marketing Officer, and President of Forbes Conferences. In addition he was President of the Miller Sports Group, publishers of Tennis, Cruising World and Sailing World. He began his career in advertising sales with the launch of European Travel and Life, and then joined Esquire magazine. In ten years at American Express Publishing he held several key positions, including Associate Publisher of Travel & Leisure and Publisher of Departures. He has also served as Publisher of GQ. A graduate of Harvard, Jack lives in Rye, New York with his wife and two children.

Executive Editor & Executive Vice President, Global Institutional Partnerships: Nick Campbell

Nick Campbell was appointed Exec. Ed. and EVP for Global Institutional Partnerships at Nature Research in January 2016. Nick joined what was then Nature Publishing Group in 2001. Since then his roles have included being an editor on Nature Reviews Genetics, Executive Editor of a suite of genetics journals, and leader of publishing partnerships in the Asia-Pacific. As the Managing Editor of Nature, Nick led a major digital and print relaunch. Most recently Nick was Executive Editor of Nature and Director of Nature Research in China. Nick’s first degree, PhD and postdoctoral research were in genetics. He also has a Graduate Certificate in journalism from the University of Queensland.