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Reprints are a great way for you to promote your Nature Portfolio article. Best of all, you now have more options for doing so than carrying around stacks of paper to share them! (Although—that’s still an option, too.)

The Nature Portfolio offers you three main ways you can buy and share reprints of your article—the traditional print route, and two different electronic options. 

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Custom Author Reprints

This is the traditional approach to reprints. You can buy 25-300 copies of your article, typeset exactly as it appears in the print issue—and you can customise it with the addition of an issue or custom cover, company or institution's logo, or extra information. Please contact, and someone will be happy to help you with all the details.

Electronic ordering for author reprints

You can order your reprint online from Sheridan, before or after publication. Or you can download the appropriate form, below. 


E-Prints are a HTML version of a paper that can be hosted on a website for viewing by multiple users. These are ordered through the Nature Portfolio’s printer, Sheridan. Through the precisely-generated HTML your E-Print renders exactly as it does on the journal website.

You would buy these based either on the number of downloads, or for a given period of time. Whichever option you choose, you’d get an alert once your article is reaching that limit. Also, your readers can download a printable PDF of your article. You can put the E-Print link on your website, share by email,, and put it on USB flash drives. 

E-Prints are encrypted, so to validate your link, you do need a one-time Internet connection so that the link can validate itself. 

You can find more detailed information about E-Prints at:

You have two options to choose from for these E-Prints: The HTML approach, and a Page-Turning E-Print. 

  • M3 NAV ePrint: Browser-based, with mobile device and universal desktop access, security with Internet. Use when full smart device compatibility is optimal. This E-Print is supported on standard mobile devices, such as smartphones, and tablet pads as well as on desktop and laptop computers. Document is viewed in standard web and mobile browsers, and can include additional video and audio to your specifications.
  • Page-Turning E-Print: Enabled with page-turning capability, can also include additional video and audio to your specifications:

E-Prints are available for all Nature Portfolio, Review, and Academic journals. Please download an order form or contact for further information.

Posters of journal covers/articles

Full-colour posters are available of issue covers and articles for most Nature Portfolio journals. Posters are available in full colour, in a range of sizes, on glossy paper. They can be mounted and/or framed upon request.

Please note that journal covers for issues older than three years may not be available. To order posters, please download an order form. For information or to speak to a sales executive please email

More information on details of sizes, formats and how to order

Plaques of journal covers/articles

Full-colour customised wooden plaques are available of issue covers and articles for most journals. Please download an order form to place an order. For prices or to speak to a sales executive please e-mail 

More information on details of sizes, formats and how to order

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