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Reprints of their published manuscript are available to authors of papers from any Nature Portfolio, Review or Academic journal in quantities ranging from 50 to 300. For orders above 300 reprints, please refer to the section on Commercial Reprints. For answers to frequently asked questions click here.

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Author reprint ordering options

Custom Author Reprints

Author reprints are an exact replica of the article as it appears in the published journal, with a title-page cover included. Authors may personalize their reprints with the addition of an issue or custom cover, company or institution's logo, or extra information. Please contact for further information.


An E-Print is an HTML version of a paper that can be hosted on a web site for viewing by multiple users. E-Prints are sold on the basis of a certain number of downloads or a period of time, and the purchaser is alerted once this limit has been reached. Users can also download a printable PDF of the E-Print. The provided E-Print link can be placed on a website, emailed or added to USB flash drives.

E-Prints are encrypted and require a one-time internet connection which allows your E-Print to validate itself. Click here for more information on E-Prints:

We offer 2 types of E-Prints:

  • M3 NAV ePrint - browser-based, mobile device and universal desktop access, security with Internet – Use when full smart device compatibility is optimal. E-print is supported on standard mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablet pads as well as on desktop and laptop computers. Document is viewed in standard web and mobile browsers, and can include additional video and audio to your specifications.
  • Page-Turning E-Print - enabled with page-turning capability, can also include additional video and audio to your specifications:

E-prints are available for all Nature Portfolio, Review and Academic journals. Please download an order form or contact for further information.

Electronic ordering for author reprints

Author reprints can be ordered online via Sheridan before or after publication. Alternatively, you can download the appropriate form below.

For authors living in Japan, the Tokyo office of Nature Asia-Pacific is responsible for processing reprint orders from Japan. The Japanese sales support team is capable of answering your questions in Japanese language including invoicing and rapid printing in Japan. Please contact for orders and information, or use the order forms here:

Posters of journal covers/articles

Details of sizes, formats and how to order

Plaques of journal covers/articles

Details of sizes, formats and how to order

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