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npj Mental Health Research

Mental health is a vast domain that intersects with many scientific fields and aspects of life. npj Mental Health Research invites and publishes research that endeavors to understand, diagnose and treat mental health disorders and improve wellbeing, along with developing resilience and optimal functioning at individual and population-levels.

npj Science of Learning

npj Science of Learning is an online open access peer-reviewed journal dedicated to research on all aspects of learning and memory – from the genetic, cellular and molecular basis, to understanding how children and adults learn through experience and formal educational practices.

Communications Medicine

Communications Medicine is a selective open access journal from Nature Portfolio publishing high-quality research, reviews and commentary across all clinical, translational, and public health research fields. The journal aims to foster collaboration across these different communities to facilitate discovery that will promote health and improve patients’ lives.

Communications Psychology

Communications Psychology is an open access journal from Nature Portfolio that will publish high-quality research, reviews and commentary. The scope of the journal includes all of the psychological sciences. We aim to provide a community forum for issues of importance to all psychologists, regardless of sub-discipline. We also consider submissions from adjacent research fields where the central advance of the study is of interest to psychologists, for example, meta-science in the domain of psychology, cognitive neuroscience, and behavioural economics.

Nature Communications

A multidisciplinary OA journal dedicated to publishing high-quality research. Launched over 10 years ago as the first highly selective OA journal in its field, Nature Communications shares advances of significance to specialists within fields such as biological, health, physical, chemical and Earth sciences.

Scientific Reports

The largest OA journal in the world publishing original research from across all areas of the natural sciences, psychology, medicine and engineering. One of the top six most cited journals in the world, with more than 696,000 citations in 2021, Scientific Reports receives widespread attention in policy documents and in the media.

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