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npj 2D Materials and Applications

npj 2D Materials and Applications publishes papers on the fundamental behavior, synthesis, properties and applications of existing and emerging 2D materials. By selecting papers with the potential for impact, the journal aims to facilitate the transfer of the research of 2D materials into wide-ranging applications.

npj Flexible Electronics

npj Flexible Electronics publishes high-quality papers related to flexible electronic systems, including plastic electronics and emerging materials, new device design and fabrication technologies, and applications. The journal will support fundamental studies that improve understanding of the science relevant for flexible, stretchable and conformable devices, and research that aims to achieve new technologies that might lead to low-cost flexible devices with advanced functionality.

npj Microgravity

npj Microgravity covers research that enables space exploration, including scientific research needed to develop advanced exploration technologies and processes, particularly those profoundly affected by operation in a space environment, and research that is enabled by spaceflight and ground-based spaceflight analogues that provides novel insight into life, engineering and physical sciences to benefit Earth-based research and the general public.

npj Robotics

Robotics is a fast-developing field that is on the verge of deeply transforming our society. npj Robotics publishes high-quality research papers, representing substantial advances in the field. Artificial intelligence fuels many of these advances and will reach its full potential when developed in synergy with a robot’s body, environment, and application. 

Communications Engineering

Communications Engineering is a selective open access journal from Nature Portfolio publishing high-quality research, reviews and commentary in all areas of engineering. Research papers published by the journal represent significant advances for a specialized area of research and development. We also aim to provide a community forum for issues of importance to all engineers, regardless of sub-discipline.

Nature Communications

A multidisciplinary OA journal dedicated to publishing high-quality research. Launched over 10 years ago as the first highly selective OA journal in its field, Nature Communications shares advances of significance to specialists within fields such as biological, health, physical, chemical and Earth sciences.

Here are a select number of editor highlight pages showcasing some of the engineering papers published in Nature Communications. We are interested in all areas of engineering, such as, civil, structural, mechanical, chemical and electrical. 

Scientific Reports

The largest OA journal in the world publishing original research from across all areas of the natural sciences, psychology, medicine and engineering. One of the top six most cited journals in the world, with more than 696,000 citations in 2021, Scientific Reports receives widespread attention in policy documents and in the media.

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