npj Series

Launched in 2014, the npj journals, which are part of the prestigious Nature Portfolio, collaborate with preeminent scientists and global partners to publish high-quality open access research. Since then, the series of journals has expanded to span the full gamut of research — from the physical and applied sciences, to the life and health sciences, and society & the environment. As we continue the npj journey, new additions to the series will be developed in close partnership with their respective research communities while promoting practices that support diversity and inclusion according to Nature Portfolio’s Diversity Commitment.

The journals operate under a collaborative editorial model, with active researchers engaged as manuscript-handling editors, supported by in-house, PhD-trained Nature Portfolio managing editors. As online-only, open-access titles published by Springer Nature, the npj series brings together strong editorial leadership with a world-class publication infrastructure to deliver high-quality, peer-reviewed original research to the global scientific community.

Defining journal features

Collaboration iconCommunity focus

The npjs speak directly to their global research communities and welcome involvement particularly from early career researchers. With external editors, we can increase engagement and visibility by giving the journals recognizable                               spokespeople.

Good quality research iconTrue to Nature Portfolio

We ensure editorial quality by developing a strong collaboration between external and internal editors to reinforce Nature Portfolio policy, practice and ethos.

Spotlight on research iconSelective but accessible

The npjs are more inclusive than Nature journals but take potential impact and significance into account when making editorial decisions. Their selectivity means that they curate content for the field.

Progressive research iconProgressive and modern

The npjs can be responsive to the particular needs of the community. We look to explore new initiatives to provide value for the researchers who support our journals.


Life sciences

Health sciences

Physical sciences

Applied sciences

Society & the environment