Astronomers victimized colleagues — and put historic Swedish department in turmoil

Investigations at Lund University found the high-ranking pair guilty of bullying, but staff members say stronger action is needed to repair the damage.

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    • Nature’s pages feature a book about immunology from 1971 and discuss scientific education in 1871.

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    • A single dose of an adenine base editor shows promise in treating the ageing-related disease Hutchinson–Gilford progeria syndrome. It corrected the LMNA mutation underlying the disease in patient-derived cells and improved cardiovascular health and lifespan in mice.

      • Luke W. Koblan
      • Michael R. Erdos
      • David R. Liu
      Research Summary
    • An innovative approach to a phase II clinical trial aims to test the effects of multiple targeted treatments simultaneously in participants in the UK National Lung Matrix Trial. The design makes it possible to study small numbers of people with rare mutations in non-small-cell lung tumours.

      • Gary Middleton
      Research Summary
    • A model of the world’s rivers and streams has been developed to predict which of these watercourses flow all year round and which go dry. The analysis shows that rivers and streams that run dry are ubiquitous throughout the world.

      • Kristin L. Jaeger
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    • Observations suggest that an unexpected dimming of the massive star Betelgeuse resulted from dust forming over a cold patch in the star’s southern hemisphere. This finding improves our understanding of such massive stars.

      • Emily M. Levesque
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China's successes in space, quantum technologies and cutting-edge chemistry underline its superpower status in research.
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