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Volume 3 Issue 5, May 2020

Environmental biomonitors

Heatwaves threaten biodiversity as heat stress hinders animal reproduction by killing sperm cells. Foster and colleagues found a heat-induced protein fingerprint in the spermatheca of honey bee queens that could be used as an indicator of heat stress as part of a biomonitoring program.

See McAfee et al.

Image: Alison McAfee, North Carolina State University. Cover Design: Thomas Wilson.


  • The effects of the COVID-19 outbreak are unfolding rapidly and governments around the world are seeking scientific advice to respond. Sustainability communities should be part of the process but need to up their efforts to engage with policy needs.



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Comment & Opinion

  • The world is not on track to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 6 on clean water and sanitation by 2030. We urge a rapid change of the economics, engineering and management frameworks that guided water policy and investments in the past in order to address the water challenges of our time.

    • Claudia W. Sadoff
    • Edoardo Borgomeo
    • Stefan Uhlenbrook
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News & Views

  • Increasing pressure for communities to conserve wildlife in mixtures with livestock faces scepticism about whether such management is sustainable. The study by Sitters et al. shows that wildlife–livestock coexistence may be sustainable, but only if megaherbivores are included.

    • Mark E. Ritchie
    News & Views
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  • A literature review on transboundary freshwater cooperation and conflict finds the former prevails, followed by non-violent conflict. Despite greater understanding of drivers, analysis of recent events and better datasets are needed.

    • Thomas Bernauer
    • Tobias Böhmelt
    Review Article
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