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Volume 3 Issue 10, October 2020

Dust and infant mortality

Air pollution impacts health globally, but studying this effect is challenging because economic development worsens pollution while bettering health. Burke and colleagues focus on the health effects of distant Saharan dust, unlinked from economic activity, and find that it leads to a large rise in infant mortality.

See Heft-Neal et al.

Image: George Steinmetz. Cover design: Valentina Monaco.


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Comment & Opinion

  • Hand hygiene is critical for reducing transmission of communicable diseases, as we are so acutely aware during the COVID-19 pandemic. UNICEF has identified behaviour change and knowledge promotion as top strategies for increasing handwashing during this crisis, while acknowledging that millions of people lack the water necessary for handwashing.

    • David M. Hannah
    • Iseult Lynch
    • Stefan Krause
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