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  • Expanding renewable energy sources in remote rural Alaska villages promises to improve sustainability and resilience. What happens to the food–energy–water nexus when critical resources are abundant public goods?

    • James Magdanz
    News & Views
  • The International Olympic Committee has long trumpeted its own sustainability credibility. But are the Olympic Games actually sustainable or are they greenwashing gold?

    • Jules Boykoff
    News & Views
  • Divergent conceptions of living nature between conservationists and other groups of people can hinder progress to protect biodiversity. This Perspective reflects on the use of the concept of biodiversity, willingness to expand its ambit, and engagement with the various drivers of change.

    • Unai Pascual
    • William M. Adams
    • Esther Turnhout
  • The photocatalytic conversion of CO2 to fuels could contribute to a carbon-neutral energy cycle, but it works only when sunlight is available. Here the authors propose a persistent photocatalyst system that prolongs solar fuel production and discuss emerging trends and design strategies.

    • Joel Y. Y. Loh
    • Nazir P. Kherani
    • Geoffrey A. Ozin
  • How can we promote sustainable behaviours and reduce unsustainable ones? A new study explores potential neural mechanisms underlying thoughts about farsighted future actions.

    • Angharad N. Williams
    • Roland G. Benoit
    News & Views
  • Wind and solar power plants emit no air pollution while operating, but how effectively do they lower overall emissions from the electric grid? New research traces wind and solar impacts through the grid, even across regional boundaries.

    • Dev Millstein
    News & Views
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries based on manganese oxide electrode materials are more environmentally friendly than conventional ones but generally suffer from rapid performance fading. A recent study sheds light on possible remedies through engineering of the interface.

    • Hooman Yaghoobnejad Asl
    • Arumugam Manthiram
    News & Views
  • Perovskite solar cell (PSC) technology is moving closer to commercialization but the ecotoxicity of the solvents involved in perovskite processing remains a barrier. A study now identifies a green solvent that can help PSC sustainability and scalability.

    • Nam-Gyu Park
    News & Views
  • Many scientists argue that large-scale value changes are needed for a sustainability transformation. New research shows that such changes might be happening.

    • Joern Fischer
    News & Views
  • Photoreforming is a sunlight-driven technology that can simultaneously reclaim the value in waste and contribute to renewable hydrogen production. This Review examines the advantages and challenges and identifies ways forward.

    • Taylor Uekert
    • Christian M. Pichler
    • Erwin Reisner
    Review Article
  • For decades research has found evidence that community forest management provides both income for local communities and conservation of forests. A recent article suggests some of the design principles that can make it work.

    • David Barton Bray
    News & Views
  • Planetary health solutions that protect the environment and promote development have been hard to find. Eco-certification of palm oil that restricts fires also reduces local poverty in Indonesia, but only in communities integrated into the market.

    • Subhrendu K. Pattanayak
    • Erin Sills
    News & Views
  • Demand for cooling is expected to increase globally. To deliver sustainable cooling beyond energy-intensive technological solutions, a comprehensive analytical framework and research agenda are proposed.

    • Radhika Khosla
    • Nicole D. Miranda
    • Malcolm McCulloch
  • Models typically used to analyse climate–economy interactions have paradoxically ignored much of nature’s value. A new study explicitly addresses this issue and reveals feedback loops between nature and the climate system that make climate change more costly.

    • Matthew Agarwala
    • Diane Coyle
    News & Views
  • Biodeterioration of stone monuments and buildings can lead to a loss of world cultural heritage. This Review discusses the role of microbes in the deterioration processes, the biochemical mechanisms involved and possible strategies for sustainable conservation of stone monuments and buildings.

    • Xiaobo Liu
    • Robert J. Koestler
    • Ji-Dong Gu
    Review Article
  • The water–energy–food nexus has provided a framework for comprehensive analysis, but this Perspective argues for adding forest studies to better integrate the needs and ecosystems of smallholders, especially in the Global South.

    • Felipe P. L. Melo
    • Luke Parry
    • Robin L. Chazdon