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  • Professor Anu Ramaswami of the Advisory Committee on Environmental Research and Education discusses their newly published report about the next generation of sustainable urban systems science with Nature Sustainability.

    • Monica Contestabile
  • Giving economic compensation in exchange for securing ecosystem services has gained traction in recent decades. However, debates about the efficacy and ethics of payments abound. To help ensure the effectiveness of these schemes, more care is needed in monitoring environmental outcomes and penalising non-compliance.

  • International experts joined a Nature Sustainability forum in China last month to re-think interdisciplinary research for global sustainability.

  • Nature Sustainability aims to cover a wide range of topics — a goal that will take a number of journal issues to accomplish.

    • Xujia Jiang
    Research Highlight
  • The study of cities needs to become more than the sum of its parts. An international Expert Panel investigates why, and how.

    • Michele Acuto
    • Susan Parnell
    • Karen C. Seto
  • In the United States, urban agriculture is growing as a result of increased availability of unused land and innovative development; the growth of farms and community gardens improves the ability of community members to cope with social and environmental change. But what will make urban agriculture sustainable?

    • Lisa Palmer
  • Sustainability research provides significant insights into the ways people and the natural world are connected. It is the mission of Nature Sustainability to showcase this kind of understanding to help its way into policy, solutions and everyday debates.