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Latest Research

  • Article |

    Natural disasters can obstruct first responders when and where they are needed most. This analysis models the response of emergency service stations during flooding events in England to find major impacts on ambulance and fire services at a time of escalating flood risks to the country.

    • Dapeng Yu
    • , Jie Yin
    • , Robert L. Wilby
    • , Stuart N. Lane
    • , Jeroen C. J. H. Aerts
    • , Ning Lin
    • , Min Liu
    • , Hongyong Yuan
    • , Jianguo Chen
    • , Christel Prudhomme
    • , Mingfu Guan
    • , Avinoam Baruch
    • , Charlie W. D. Johnson
    • , Xi Tang
    • , Lizhong Yu
    •  & Shiyuan Xu
  • Article |

    Biomass pyrolysis for renewable energy and chemicals offers sustainability advantages but is expensive. This study shows a route to improve both the sustainability and economic viability of biomass pyrolysis by using pyrolytic gases and waste heat to fabricate high-quality carbon nanomaterials.

    • Shun Zhang
    • , Shun-Feng Jiang
    • , Bao-Cheng Huang
    • , Xian-Cheng Shen
    • , Wen-Jing Chen
    • , Tian-Pei Zhou
    • , Hui-Yuan Cheng
    • , Bin-Hai Cheng
    • , Chang-Zheng Wu
    • , Wen-Wei Li
    • , Hong Jiang
    •  & Han-Qing Yu
  • Perspective |

    For seafood, concerns about food security often clash with those about sustainability. This Perspective proposes the reconciling concept of ‘sustainable commoditization’ and identifies actions to catalyse this for seafood in the Global South.

    • Ben Belton
    • , Thomas Reardon
    •  & David Zilberman

News & Comment

  • Editorial |

    The effects of the COVID-19 outbreak are unfolding rapidly and governments around the world are seeking scientific advice to respond. Sustainability communities should be part of the process but need to up their efforts to engage with policy needs.

  • Comment |

    The world is not on track to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 6 on clean water and sanitation by 2030. We urge a rapid change of the economics, engineering and management frameworks that guided water policy and investments in the past in order to address the water challenges of our time.

    • Claudia W. Sadoff
    • , Edoardo Borgomeo
    •  & Stefan Uhlenbrook
  • News & Views |

    Political pressure on the creation and use of scientific evidence to support environmental approvals for the Adani coal mine has undermined the legitimacy of these approvals. We need to harness the power of law more effectively to protect the independence and rigour of scientific processes, and enable transparent consideration of the evidence.

    • Erin O’Donnell
    •  & Rebecca Nelson
  • News & Views |

    In a world of increasingly integrated supply chains, disasters have impacts far from where they hit. A new paper looks at how tropical-cyclone impacts propagate across cities, showing that indirect impacts become large for the most-destructive storms.

    • Stephane Hallegatte