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Marine species and habitats rely on freshwater river flows. The development of dams can have diverse effects on downstream ecosystem functioning, as analysed by Plagányi and colleagues.


  • In the October issue we highlighted the challenges posed by plastics waste, some prominent views about how to tackle the problem through technologies and policies and the broader context in which the plastics crisis should be considered, including current lifestyles and consumption patterns.

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    • The nitritation process, namely the biological conversion of ammonia to nitrite, is a pivotal approach in sustainable sewage management but remains challenging to implement in practice. Now a strategy shows remarkable efficiency in swiftly initiating and maintaining sewage nitritation, even under industrially relevant conditions.

      • Min Zheng
      • Tao Liu
      News & Views
    • The development of electrocatalysts with high activity, selectivity and stability for seawater electrolysis remains a challenge. Through engineering of the host layer, interlayer gallery and surface, CoFe-based layered double hydroxides are shown to achieve stable seawater electrolysis for more than 2,800 h at a high current density.

      Research Briefing
    • Although carboxylated cellulose nanofibres (C-CNFs) hold promise for numerous applications, current production methods are associated with environmental concerns. A type of deep eutectic solvent, comprising citric acid, choline chloride and water, has now been developed for the sustainable and scalable production of ultrafine and long C-CNFs.

      Research Briefing
    • Risks in globally interconnected socio-environmental systems are complex and efforts to study them are incomplete. This Perspective argues that risks should be considered as both a product of these systems and a force that rewires them through a variety of mechanisms.

      • Steve J. Miller
      • Laura E. Dee
      • Eréndira Aceves-Bueno
    • Eco-sensitive river basins are facing pressure to reduce carbon emissions and rapidly grow their economies. Now, a study identifies the exploitable hydropower potential in low-carbon futures, and the risks of relying on large-scale hydropower projects to integrate variable renewable energy in a decarbonized world.

      • Noah Kittner
      News & Views
  • Phoebe Koundouri, Professor of Environmental Economics and Sustainability at Athens University of Economics and Business, talks to Nature Sustainability about how the Global Climate Hub can help countries achieve sustainability against the backdrop of interconnected, complex challenges.

    • Angelos Alamanos
  • Earth Observation (EO) satellites have transformed understanding of the state and trajectories of Earth’s environment. Recent mushrooming of EO satellites and of resultant data that are stored, distributed and processed, often on the cloud, generate widespread environmental impacts that demand urgent consideration, particularly given that EO data outlive EO satellites.

    • Karen Anderson
    • Robert J. W. Brewin
    • Kevin J. Gaston
  • Rechargeable aqueous zinc metal batteries represent a promising solution to the storage of renewable energy on the gigawatt scale. For a standardized set of protocols for their electrochemical performance measurements, we highlight the current common issues and recommend practices for future studies.

    • Xiulei Ji
    • Linda F. Nazar
  • In the context of climate change, the discourse of capacity building may reproduce colonial power dynamics by framing adaptation failures as the responsibility of marginalized communities. “Capacity sharing” offers an alternative paradigm for a more environmentally just and decolonial approach to managing local climate risks.

    • Stephen Lezak
  • Veera Mitzner, Director of the Sustainability Research & Innovation (SRI) Congress and Associate Director of Future Earth US Global Hub, and Omar R. López Alfano, Director of the National Research System, SENACYT, Panama, and President of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research, talk to Nature Sustainability about the success and prospects of the SRI Congress.

    • Monica Contestabile

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  • Postdoctoral Fellow

    Our lab is seeking a Postdoctoral Fellow to apply advanced knowledge & skills to generate insights into morphogenesis or transcriptional regulation.

    Toronto (City), Ontario (CA)

    The Hospital for Sick Children - Developmental & Stem Cell Biology Program

  • Postdoctoral Fellow

    Looking for a post-doc interested in working at the interface of stem cell biology, developmental biology, synthetic biology and machine learning.

    Toronto (City), Ontario (CA)

    The Hospital for Sick Children - Developmental & Stem Cell Biology Program

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    The National Institute on Aging (NIA), Intramural Research Program (IRP), a major research component of the National Institutes of Health (NIH)

    Bethesda, Maryland (US)

    National Institute on Aging

  • Faculty Positions at Xinjiang Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry

    Seeking applicants with following experience: modeling, membrane design, chemical engineering, and materials fabrication for separation.

    Ürümqi, Xinjiang (CN)

    Xinjiang Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry (XTIPC), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)

  • Postdoc in Yeast Molecular Biology - Nuclear Envelope Lipid Metabolism and Gene Regulation

    We're looking for an ambitious yeast molecular biologist to join our team as a postdoctoral fellow.

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