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    Energy-saving innovations, such as fabrics with cooling effects, contribute to sustainability. This study reports the large-scale extrusion of uniform and continuous nanoporous polyethylene microfibres with cotton-like softness for wearable fabrics. The fabric can lower human skin temperature by 2.3 °C with over 20% savings on indoor cooling energy.

    • Yucan Peng
    • , Jun Chen
    • , Alex Y. Song
    • , Peter B. Catrysse
    • , Po-Chun Hsu
    • , Lili Cai
    • , Bofei Liu
    • , Yangying Zhu
    • , Guangmin Zhou
    • , David S. Wu
    • , Hye Ryoung Lee
    • , Shanhui Fan
    •  & Yi Cui
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    Achieving a high quality of life within the biophysical limits of the planet is a significant challenge. This study quantifies the resource use associated with meeting basic human needs, compares it to downscaled planetary boundaries for over 150 nations and finds that no country meets its citizens’ basic needs sustainably.

    • Daniel W. O’Neill
    • , Andrew L. Fanning
    • , William F. Lamb
    •  & Julia K. Steinberger
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    A balanced diet is vital for human health, and the Sustainable Development Goals codify this aim. This study finds that trade helps ensure the equitable distribution of food nutrients globally, with implications for international trade policies.

    • Stephen A. Wood
    • , Matthew R. Smith
    • , Jessica Fanzo
    • , Roseline Remans
    •  & Ruth S. DeFries
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    Post-disaster reconstruction in hazard-exposed areas can increase social vulnerability if a disaster changes where people wish to live. In a post-tsunami zone in Indonesia, the authors find that many people wish to move to safer areas, causing housing prices to go up inland and the poor to live near the coast.

    • Jamie W. McCaughey
    • , Patrick Daly
    • , Ibnu Mundir
    • , Saiful Mahdi
    •  & Anthony Patt

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