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Volume 1 Issue 5, May 2019

Volume 1 Issue 5

The cover of this issue represents the Hofstadter butterfly and is inspired from a Perspective on topological quantum matter in synthetic dimensions. See Ozawa & Price

Image: Tomoki Ozawa, RIKEN. Cover Design: Carl Conway.


  • Editorial |

    Women remain under-represented in science, and in particular in physics. Effective action to remedy this situation should be based on rigorous analysis of high-quality data.


  • Feature |

    The percentage of women in post-graduate physics positions has stalled just below 20%. The most precipitous drop in women’s representation occurs between high school and university; however, women at all career stages struggle with ongoing cultural burdens and obstacles.

    • Ramin Skibba


  • Comment |

    Data show that apart from their prize-winning work, the careers of Nobel laureates follow the same patterns as those of the majority of scientists.

    • Jichao Li
    • Yian Yin
    • Dashun Wang

Research Highlights

  • Research Highlight |

    Three studies in Nature Astronomy uncover unexpected atmospheric and geological phenomena on Saturn’s moon Titan.

    • Laura Zinke
  • Research Highlight |

    The Event Horizon Telescope collaboration has released images and data showing the dark shadow of the supermassive black hole at the centre of galaxy Messier 87. This release is the result of years of development in instrumentation and data processing.

    • Zoe Budrikis


  • Review Article |

    Layered black phosphorus and its isoelectronic group IV monochalcogenides have distinctive physical properties arising from their unusual crystal symmetries. This Review discusses some of the interesting physical phenomena, possible device applications and future research directions for this group of materials.

    • Fengnian Xia
    • Han Wang
    • Li Yang

Technical Review

  • Technical Review |

    The knowledge of local structures of non-crystalline materials is of fundamental importance in the understanding of their physical properties. This Review describes recent advances in local structural analysis methods, which shed new light on mysterious phenomena in liquids and glasses.

    • Hajime Tanaka
    • Hua Tong
    • John Russo


  • Perspective |

    Synthetic dimensions provide a way to artificially engineer extra spatial dimensions through other degrees of freedom. We review how synthetic dimensions have emerged as a promising tool for quantum simulations of topological lattice models in atomic, molecular and optical systems.

    • Tomoki Ozawa
    • Hannah M. Price

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