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Launching in January 2019, Nature Reviews Physics is an online-only journal publishing high-quality technical reference, review and commentary articles in all areas of fundamental and applied physics.

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  • Nat. Rev. Phys. | Review Article |

    Mechanobiology describes how biological systems respond to mechanical stimuli. This Review surveys basic principles, advantages and limitations of applying and combining atomic force microscopy-based modalities with complementary techniques to characterize the morphology, mechanical properties and functional response of complex biological systems to mechanical cues.

    • Michael Krieg
    • , Gotthold Fläschner
    • , David Alsteens
    • , Benjamin M. Gaub
    • , Wouter H. Roos
    • , Gijs J. L. Wuite
    • , Hermann E. Gaub
    • , Christoph Gerber
    • , Yves F. Dufrêne
    •  & Daniel J. Müller