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In the March issue

We explore the status of global nuclear research and industry post-Fukushima. Check the three Comments and linked editorial.

Latest Reviews

  • Review Article |

    Biopolymer networks provide mechanical integrity and enable active deformation of cells and tissues. Here, we review recent experimental and theoretical studies of the mechanical behaviour of biopolymer networks with a focus on reductionist approaches.

    • Federica Burla
    • , Yuval Mulla
    • , Bart E. Vos
    • , Anders Aufderhorst-Roberts
    •  & Gijsje H. Koenderink
  • Review Article |

    This Review describes topological phenomena that can be realized in acoustic and mechanical systems. Methods of symmetry breaking are described, along with the consequences and rich phenomena that emerge.

    • Guancong Ma
    • , Meng Xiao
    •  & C. T. Chan
  • Review Article |

    In this Review, the principles developed for fabricating reliable molecular junctions and tuning their intrinsic properties are examined from the point of view of the electrode, the interface and molecular engineering. The various functionalities demonstrated in molecular junctions through molecular design are discussed, along with the open challenges in the field.

    • Na Xin
    • , Jianxin Guan
    • , Chenguang Zhou
    • , Xinjiani Chen
    • , Chunhui Gu
    • , Yu Li
    • , Mark A. Ratner
    • , Abraham Nitzan
    • , J. Fraser Stoddart
    •  & Xuefeng Guo
  • Review Article |

    Multidimensional self-trapped states exist in many models of physical systems. However, they are highly unstable in media with the universal cubic nonlinearity. We review different mechanisms that may stabilize them, including non-Kerr nonlinearities, spin–orbit coupling and quantum fluctuations, among others.

    • Yaroslav V. Kartashov
    • , Gregory E. Astrakharchik
    • , Boris A. Malomed
    •  & Lluis Torner
  • Review Article |

    Metamaterials are rationally designed composites made of tailored building blocks, leading to effective medium properties beyond their ingredients. This Review surveys 3D metamaterials with unprecedented physical properties in electromagnetism and optics, acoustics and mechanics and transport, made possible by advances in design and manufacturing.

    • Muamer Kadic
    • , Graeme W. Milton
    • , Martin van Hecke
    •  & Martin Wegener
  • Review Article |

    This is an overview of the new physics that emerges in van der Waals heterostructures consisting of graphene and hexagonal boron nitride, including the integer and fractional quantum Hall effects, novel plasmonic states and the effects of emergent moiré superlattices.

    • Matthew Yankowitz
    • , Qiong Ma
    • , Pablo Jarillo-Herrero
    •  & Brian J. LeRoy

News & Comment

  • Comment |

    Oliver Brüning and Lucio Rossi discuss an upgrade of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the High-Luminosity LHC (HL-LHC), which aims to significantly increase the luminosity.

    • Oliver Brüning
    •  & Lucio Rossi
  • Comment |

    Steinar Stapnes discusses the Compact Linear Collider, a linear accelerator that could be built in three stages at CERN.

    • Steinar Stapnes
  • Comment |

    Edda Gschwendtner and Patric Muggli discuss the concept of plasma wakefield acceleration and its potential for future particle colliders and other applications.

    • Edda Gschwendtner
    •  & Patric Muggli
  • Comment |

    XinChou Lou describes the plans for the Circular Electron Positron Collider, a large accelerator complex that would be built in China.

    • XinChou Lou
  • Editorial |

    In this month’s Editorial we explore the status of global nuclear research and industry post-Fukushima and find positive developments.