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Welcome to the first issue of Nature Reviews Physics, a new online-only journal publishing high-quality review and commentary articles in all areas of fundamental and applied physics.

Latest Reviews

  • Review Article |

    Magnetic topological insulators enable the investigation of the interplay between magnetism and topological electronic states. This Review summarizes the basic notions of magnetic topological insulators and the progress in the experimental realization of exotic topological phenomena.

    • Yoshinori Tokura
    • , Kenji Yasuda
    •  & Atsushi Tsukazaki
  • Technical Review |

    High spatial coherence of laser illumination is not always desirable, because it can cause adverse artefacts such as speckle noise. This Technical Review describes unconventional lasers that have inherently low and/or tunable spatial coherence.

    • Hui Cao
    • , Ronen Chriki
    • , Stefan Bittner
    • , Asher A. Friesem
    •  & Nir Davidson
  • Review Article |

    Light–matter coupling with strength comparable to the bare transition frequencies of the system is called ultrastrong. This Review surveys how experiments have realized ultrastrong coupling in the past decade, the new phenomena predicted in this regime and the applications it enables.

    • Anton Frisk Kockum
    • , Adam Miranowicz
    • , Simone De Liberato
    • , Salvatore Savasta
    •  & Franco Nori
  • Technical Review |

    This Review describes advances in the statistical physics of complex networks and provides a reference for the state of the art in theoretical network modelling and applications to real-world systems for pattern detection and network reconstruction.

    • Giulio Cimini
    • , Tiziano Squartini
    • , Fabio Saracco
    • , Diego Garlaschelli
    • , Andrea Gabrielli
    •  & Guido Caldarelli
  • Perspective |

    An analysis of the number of physicists and their career paths reveals the changing landscape of the physics subdisciplines, highlighting the connections between different fields and the effects of large collaborations.

    • Federico Battiston
    • , Federico Musciotto
    • , Dashun Wang
    • , Albert-László Barabási
    • , Michael Szell
    •  & Roberta Sinatra
  • Technical Review |

    Entanglement is often considered the defining feature separating classical physics from quantum physics and provides the basis for many quantum technologies. This Review discusses recent progress in the challenging task of conclusively proving that a physical system features entanglement, surveying detection and certification methods.

    • Nicolai Friis
    • , Giuseppe Vitagliano
    • , Mehul Malik
    •  & Marcus Huber

News & Comment

  • Feature |

    The European Synchrotron Radiation Facility is upgrading to become the first high-energy fourth generation synchrotron. It will be a test bed for new technologies and will provide users with unprecedented measurement capabilities.

    • Giulia Pacchioni
  • Research Highlight |

    Two robotic missions, one from China and one from India, will explore the southern lunar hemisphere, sending back a wealth of information about the surface and composition of the Moon, and perhaps even more.

    • Iulia Georgescu
  • Comment |

    Physics keeps changing and so do classification and subject indexing. Arthur Smith recalls the final updates to the Physics and Astronomy Classification Scheme (PACS) and the development of the Physics Subject Headings (PhySH), and ponders future directions.

    • Arthur Smith
  • News & Views |

    The first papers based on the second data release from the Gaia space observatory are now published and they are already changing our understanding of the evolution of the Milky Way.

    • Vasily Belokurov
  • Comment |

    Modern theoretical physics is indivisible. Ideas flow freely and fruitfully across traditional boundaries separating materials physics, fundamental physics and cosmology. How did this state of affairs come to be? What are its outstanding results? Is there more to come? Frank Wilczek discusses the synergy between the different fields of physics.

    • Frank Wilczek
  • Editorial |

    As Nature Reviews Physics takes its first step, publishing its first issue, we outline the journal’s scope, aims and dreams for the future. We call on readers, authors and referees to join us on our journey.