From physics to art and back

The October cover is inspired by the insights that come from applying physics techniques to study art and other cultural heritage.


    • Current and future big science projects in India are providing opportunities for young researchers and building technological capabilities, while contributing to new scientific discoveries. Seven scientists involved in these large-scale projects reflect on the impact their project has on the Indian research landscape.

      • G. C. Anupama
      • Subhasis Chattopadhyay
      • Tarun Souradeep
    • The ability to image nanometre-scale magnetization and current density is key to deciphering the physics of correlated states hosted in 2D layered materials. This Technical Review analyses the magnetic imaging techniques most amenable to these systems, compares their capabilities and limitations, and discusses their potential impact.

      • Estefani Marchiori
      • Lorenzo Ceccarelli
      • Martino Poggio
      Technical Review
    • Graphene nanoribbons are an emerging class of 1D materials hosting rich quantum-confined and topological states. This Perspective discusses recent breakthroughs in graphene nanoribbon materials and devices, and identifies key challenges towards electronics and quantum information applications.

      • Haomin Wang
      • Hui Shan Wang
      • Xinran Wang
    • This Perspective describes how visualizations help to understand several key aspects of big science projects: productivity and impact over different phases, evolution of teams and their management, big data and cyberinfrastructure, and measuring and communicating success.

      • Katy Börner
      • Filipi Nascimento Silva
      • Staša Milojević
    • There isn’t one single ‘early career experience’ in physics, and different subfields involve very different opportunities and challenges. Seven early career physicists who work on a range of research topics in different subfields discuss their views on the lessons we can learn from their professional lives.

      • Chao-Hui Feng
      • Emily Moravec
      • LaNell A. Williams
From economics to physics

From economics to physics

2020 was a year of economic turmoil in many parts of the world — and 2021 promises much of the same.