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  • Review Article |

    Multidimensional self-trapped states exist in many models of physical systems. However, they are highly unstable in media with the universal cubic nonlinearity. We review different mechanisms that may stabilize them, including non-Kerr nonlinearities, spin–orbit coupling and quantum fluctuations, among others.

    • Yaroslav V. Kartashov
    • , Gregory E. Astrakharchik
    • , Boris A. Malomed
    •  & Lluis Torner
  • Review Article |

    Metamaterials are rationally designed composites made of tailored building blocks, leading to effective medium properties beyond their ingredients. This Review surveys 3D metamaterials with unprecedented physical properties in electromagnetism and optics, acoustics and mechanics and transport, made possible by advances in design and manufacturing.

    • Muamer Kadic
    • , Graeme W. Milton
    • , Martin van Hecke
    •  & Martin Wegener
  • Review Article |

    This is an overview of the new physics that emerges in van der Waals heterostructures consisting of graphene and hexagonal boron nitride, including the integer and fractional quantum Hall effects, novel plasmonic states and the effects of emergent moiré superlattices.

    • Matthew Yankowitz
    • , Qiong Ma
    • , Pablo Jarillo-Herrero
    •  & Brian J. LeRoy
  • Review Article |

    High harmonic spectroscopy is a femtosecond laser technique that reveals details of valence electron orbital wavefunctions in gas-phase molecules. It makes it possible to image molecular orbitals and for unimolecular chemical reactions to be followed with femtosecond resolution.

    • Peng Peng
    • , Claude Marceau
    •  & David M. Villeneuve
  • Review Article |

    Magnetic topological insulators enable the investigation of the interplay between magnetism and topological electronic states. This Review summarizes the basic notions of magnetic topological insulators and the progress in the experimental realization of exotic topological phenomena.

    • Yoshinori Tokura
    • , Kenji Yasuda
    •  & Atsushi Tsukazaki
  • Technical Review |

    High spatial coherence of laser illumination is not always desirable, because it can cause adverse artefacts such as speckle noise. This Technical Review describes unconventional lasers that have inherently low and/or tunable spatial coherence.

    • Hui Cao
    • , Ronen Chriki
    • , Stefan Bittner
    • , Asher A. Friesem
    •  & Nir Davidson

News & Comment

  • Research Highlight |

    Calculations show that contrary to the commonly accepted idea, sound waves carry a tiny negative mass and create a gravitational field that is associated with it.

    • Anastasiia Novikova
  • Research Highlight |

    New experiments on swarms of Caenorhabditis elegans reveal that the worm can form a dynamical network that can be understood using active matter physics, and controlled using genetic manipulation.

    • Zoe Budrikis
  • Research Highlight |

    How the mass of super-Earths affects mantle convection is a key question for understanding rocky exoplanet structure and thermal dynamics. New material models based on ab initio mineral calculations characterize convection, with implications for magnetism, planetary cooling, atmospheric composition and habitability.

    • Tom Henshall
  • Comment |

    Paul Howarth discusses the current challenges and opportunities in nuclear research and development.

    • Paul Howarth
  • Editorial |

    Reviews take a lot of work and involve many people. Here is a short story illustrating the process from idea to publication and all the players.

  • Research Highlight |

    New simulations of DNA suggest that its surprising flexibility on short length scales can be predicted from the crookedness of its structure.

    • Zoe Budrikis