The Higgs boson and beyond

The September cover is inspired by the Feynman diagrams contributing to the production of the Higgs boson. Find out what we know and what we do not know about the Higgs boson.


    • Massive black holes dwell in many galaxies, and various physical processes have been invoked to explain their presence. This Review discusses their formation channels, how they have grown over time from smaller seeds and how we can constrain their origins.

      • Marta Volonteri
      • Mélanie Habouzit
      • Monica Colpi
      Review Article
    • The study of hypernuclei contributes to the understanding of the fundamental baryonic interactions and the physics of neutron stars. This Perspective discusses different experimental approaches to answer open questions regarding hypernuclei.

      • Takehiko R. Saito
      • Wenbou Dou
      • Xiaohong Zhou
    • Quantum Hall systems represent an example of topological quantum matter, where quasiparticles with fractional statistics (anyons) may emerge. This Technical Review presents a survey of recent developments in quantum Hall interferometry.

      • Matteo Carrega
      • Luca Chirolli
      • Lucia Sorba
      Technical Review
    • The recent measurement of a nonlinear Hall effect has provided a new way to probe the spectral, symmetry and topological properties of quantum materials. This Perspective discusses the open questions around this new effect and potential applications.

      • Z. Z. Du
      • Hai-Zhou Lu
      • X. C. Xie
  • The OPERA experiment should be remembered for its scientific legacy not for the superluminal neutrinos report 10 years ago.

    • Iulia Georgescu
    Research Highlight
  • Making a good review article is a team effort, involving authors, editors and referees. In honour of Peer Review Week, happening this month, we spotlight the essential role of peer reviewers.

  • Elliot Leader recounts the theoretical prediction and recent discovery of the odderon.

    • Elliot Leader
    Research Highlight
  • More than 40 years ago the first Bell tests translated a purely philosophical conundrum to a physical experiment. In doing so, they changed our understanding of quantum mechanics and contributed to the development of quantum technologies.

    • Iulia Georgescu
From economics to physics

From economics to physics

2020 was a year of economic turmoil in many parts of the world — and 2021 promises much of the same.