Volume 2 Issue 6, June 2017

Volume 2 Issue 6

Externally triggered drug delivery systems use both new and established materials that are sensitive to various stimuli. These systems provide opportunities to improve the treatment of many diseases. In this Review, rationales for such systems and the types of stimuli that can be deployed are described.

See Yanfei Wang & Daniel S. Kohane 2, 17020 (2017).

Cover design: Lauren V. Robinson

Research Highlights


  • Comment |

    The first race involving molecular ‘cars’ stimulated technical advances in scanning tunnelling microscopy and provided insights in surface science and synthetic chemistry — it also attracted wide interest from the public.

    • Gwénaël Rapenne
    •  & Christian Joachim


  • Review Article |

    Wearable electronic devices need to be flexible and breathable, as well as show high performance. In this Review, 1D energy harvesting and storage devices — in the form of fibre-based systems — are outlined, focusing on the interfaces in typical 1D configurations.

    • Hao Sun
    • , Ye Zhang
    • , Jing Zhang
    • , Xuemei Sun
    •  & Huisheng Peng
  • Review Article |

    Heterostructuring and mixing of disparate materials provide new degrees of freedom to control carrier mobilities and exciton binding in solution-processed semiconductors. This Review highlights recent examples of heterostructured materials and devices, and examines the future direction of the field.

    • Oleksandr Voznyy
    • , Brandon R. Sutherland
    • , Alexander H. Ip
    • , David Zhitomirsky
    •  & Edward H. Sargent
  • Review Article |

    Carbon nitrides are potentially cheap and metal-free alternatives for catalysts, semiconductors, battery materials and memory devices. In this Review, we discuss the synthesis, design and morphology of these materials, and reflect on the ability of methods such as templating, etching, dye sensitization, heteroatom doping and co-polymerization, as well as the assembly of various heterojunctions, to improve device performance.

    • Fabian K. Kessler
    • , Yun Zheng
    • , Dana Schwarz
    • , Christoph Merschjann
    • , Wolfgang Schnick
    • , Xinchen Wang
    •  & Michael J. Bojdys