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Volume 1 Issue 2, February 2016

Comment & Opinion

  • Nature is the master in precision synthesis of macromolecules. In synthetic materials, achieving a high degree of structural precision is challenging and the influence of molecular defects on the properties of materials remains uncertain.

    • Klaus Müllen


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Research Highlights

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  • Ionic liquids and their solid-state analogues, organic ionic plastic crystals, have recently emerged as important materials for renewable energy applications. This Review highlights recent advances in the synthesis of these materials and their application as electrolytes for batteries, capacitors, photovoltaics, fuel cells and CO2 reduction.

    • Douglas R. MacFarlane
    • Maria Forsyth
    • Jie Zhang
    Review Article
  • Photoelectrochemical (PEC) devices offer the promise of efficient artificial photosynthesis. In this Review, recently developed light-harvesting materials for PEC application are scrutinized with respect to their atomic constitution, electronic structure and potential for practical performance in PEC cells.

    • Kevin Sivula
    • Roel van de Krol
    Review Article
  • Colloidal crystals composed of isotropic spheres are powerful model systems for the studies of crystallization, melting and solid–solid transitions at the single-particle level. Tunable, anisotropic or active particles provide greater opportunities to study crystal assembly and phase transitions.

    • Bo Li
    • Di Zhou
    • Yilong Han
    Review Article
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