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Volume 1 Issue 10, October 2016


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Research Highlights

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  • Thermoelectrics can be used to harvest energy and control temperature. Organic semiconducting materials have thermoelectric performance comparable to many inorganic materials near room temperature. Better understanding of their performance will provide a pathway to new types of conformal thermoelectric modules.

    • Boris Russ
    • Anne Glaudell
    • Rachel A. Segalman


    Review Article
  • Heavy fermion systems are ideally suited to study strong electronic correlations. These fascinating materials are characterized by a clear separation of the relevant energy scales and may exhibit quantum critical points, non-Fermi-liquid behaviour and unconventional superconductivity coexisting or competing with magnetism.

    • Steffen Wirth
    • Frank Steglich
    Review Article
  • Covalent organic frameworks are crystalline porous polymers with precisely ordered polygon architectures. In this Review we summarize recent advances in the design principles and synthetic reactions, highlight the current status in structural construction and functionality design, and predict challenging issues and future directions.

    • Ning Huang
    • Ping Wang
    • Donglin Jiang
    Review Article
  • Implantable neuroprostheses communicate with the nervous system to provide diagnosis or therapy to the injured body. In this review, we discuss materials-based approaches to overcome the physical and mechanical mismatch at the tissue–implant interface and to design long-term neurointegrated prostheses.

    • Stéphanie P. Lacour
    • Grégoire Courtine
    • Jochen Guck
    Review Article
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