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As part of Nature Research, the Nature Reviews journals follow common policies as detailed in the Nature Research peer-review policy pages, and we request that our peer reviewers abide by all of them. However, we want to draw your attention to the following policies and guidelines. Also note that Nature Reviews only offers single-blind peer review.


Confidentiality is very important to us. We ask all reviewers to abide by our confidentiality policy: all correspondence, information and material exchanged during manuscript review must be kept in the strictest confidence, both before and after publication. If you wish to seek advice from a colleague while reviewing a manuscript, you must receive explicit permission from the editor in advance of sharing a copy of the manuscript. If the colleague contributed substantially to the report, please notify the editor so that the report can be listed as a 'joint report' and your colleague recognised.

Reviewing manuscripts provides insights into an expert’s thoughts on a field and can provide insights into work in progress. To avoid breaching confidentiality, please wait until the paper you have reviewed has been published before citing it in your own manuscript.

More info on confidentiality here

Reviewer identity

We keep reviewer identities confidential throughout the review process. However, reviewers who choose to do so can sign their report. This will reveal their identity to the authors and also to the other reviewers after each round of review, when all the reports are shared after the editorial decision is made (or prior to the decision if we are seeking reviewer input on their peers’ comments). 

We ask that you refrain from identifying yourself to authors by any means other than signing your review. We are firmly opposed to attempts by authors to determine reviewer identities, and it is our policy to neither confirm nor deny any such speculation; we encourage our reviewers to do likewise. More info here.