About the Editors

Chief Editor | Giulia Pacchioni, PhD, Springer Nature, UK, ORCiD

Giulia received her Master’s degree in physics from the University of Milan, Italy, in 2011, with a thesis on the implantation of metal clusters in electroluminescent polymers for use in OLED devices. She then completed her PhD studies on the investigation of nanostructures on surfaces using scanning tunnelling microscopy in the group of Professor Harald Brune at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland. Giulia joined Springer Nature in October 2015 for the launch of Nature Reviews Materials. She spent 2018 heading up the launch team of Nature Reviews Physics. Since January 2022, she is the Chief Editor of Nature Reviews Materials.

Giulia is primarily responsible for the areas of quantum materials, superconductivity, topological materials, 2D materials, metamaterials and structural materials.

Giulia is based in the London office, UK.


Senior Editor | Ariane Vartanian, PhD, Springer Nature, US

Ariane received a PhD in chemistry from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where she studied the surface chemistry and self-assembly behaviour of anisotropic colloidal nanocrystals. She then joined Nature Communications in April 2016, where she managed the materials science and inorganic, nanoscale, physical, and computational chemistry team. In May 2021, Ariane joined the Nature Reviews Materials team as a Senior Editor.

Ariane is primarily responsible for the areas of materials chemistry, nanostructures and surface chemistry.

Ariane is based in the New York office, USA.


Associate Editor | Charlotte Allard, PhD, Springer Nature, UK

Charlotte completed her PhD in engineering physics from École Polytechnique de Montreal in December 2021, under the supervision of Professors Patrick Desjardins and Richard Martel. Her thesis focused on the encapsulation of organic molecules in carbon and boron nitride nanotubes, for which she investigated the encapsulation mechanism as well as biomedical applications. Charlotte joined  Nature Reviews Materials in March 2022 as an Associate Editor.

Charlotte is primarily responsible for the areas of energy materials and biomaterials.

Charlotte is based in the London office, UK.


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