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Materials design by synthetic biology, artificial channels, solid-state lithionic devices, drug delivery for precision medicine, near-field communication sensors and electrified interfaces


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    Nature Reviews Materials and Nature Nanotechnology hosted a free virtual webinar and Q&A session with Kathryn A. Whitehead (Carnegie Mellon University) and Yizhou Dong (Ohio State University), discussing lipid nanoparticles for mRNA delivery


    • Weyl fermions have yet to be observed as elementary particles but can be realized in topological quantum materials. This Review discusses the theoretical and experimental discovery of emergent Weyl fermions, high-fold chiral fermions, topological Weyl lines and related Dirac phases.

      • M. Zahid Hasan
      • Guoqing Chang
      • Jia-Xin Yin
      Review Article
    • Defect-based spin qubits offer a versatile platform for creating solid-state quantum devices. This Review is a guide for understanding the properties and applications of current spin defects, and provides a framework for designing, engineering and discovering new qubit candidates

      • Gary Wolfowicz
      • F. Joseph Heremans
      • David D. Awschalom
      Review Article
    • Osmotic energy conversion is a promising renewable energy source. This Review discusses nanofluidics-based osmotic energy conversion systems, investigating the principles of ion diffusion in nanofluidic systems, optimization of membrane architectures to increase energy conversion and possible integration with other technologies, such as water splitting.

      • Zhen Zhang
      • Liping Wen
      • Lei Jiang
      Review Article
    • Phase transformations in 2D materials have distinct kinetic and thermodynamic features, resulting from their reduced dimensionality and unique interactions. This Review discusses the properties of phase transitions and defects in 2D materials, and examines technological applications and challenges in the study of 2D phase transitions.

      • Wenbin Li
      • Xiaofeng Qian
      • Ju Li
      Review Article
    • Single-supermolecule electronics focuses not only on charge transport within individual supermolecules but also on the weak non-covalent interactions between components of supermolecules and mechanically interlocked molecules. This Review surveys the use of non-covalent interactions in the construction of electronic devices.

      • Hongliang Chen
      • J. Fraser Stoddart
      Review Article
  • Nature Reviews Materials speaks to Donald Ingber, Founding Director of the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University, about the animal testing conundrum and the importance of human-relevant models in biomedical research.

    • Christine Horejs
  • Intense efforts are underway to produce circuits that integrate a technologically relevant number of qubits. Although qubit control in most material systems is by now mature, device variability is one of the main bottlenecks in qubit scalability. How do we characterize and tune millions of qubits? Machine learning might hold the answer.

    • Natalia Ares
  • An article in Nature Sustainability reports the use of a common plastic, polyethylene, to make fabrics that have a low environmental footprint and are cheap and recyclable.

    • Giulia Pacchioni
    Research Highlight
  • The European Environmental Agency (EEA) has formulated five early warning signs to be considered by regulators when it comes to materials and substances. These warning signs reflect many concerns raised about plastics and are thus worth considering during the design and regulation of new and established polymeric materials.

    • Freja Lund Paulsen
    • Maria Bille Nielsen
    • Steffen Foss Hansen
  • The future of our species and planet hinges on our scientific creativity to tackle future challenges. However, the trust of the public in scientific processes needs to be earned and kept, which will require inclusive, self-reflecting, honest and inspiring science communication.

    • Sonia Contera
5th anniversary

5th anniversary

To celebrate the 5th anniversary of Nature Reviews Materials, we have collated a collection of some of our most popular Reviews and Comments from over the years.