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    Understanding the heterogeneities in Earth’s mantle, including their origin, structure, and variability, is crucial for comprehending the long-term history of internal changes that have shaped our planet.

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    Climate chronicles brings together Nature Reviews Earth & Environment's annual series of 'Year in Review' articles.

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    2024 marks 200 years since William Buckland reported his research on Megalosaurus, later recognised as the first non-avian dinosaur genus to be formally named by science.

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    Soils are vital for food production, biodiversity conservation, and climate regulation.

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    Earth’s tectonic plates extend and break-apart during rifting.

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    Physics research comes with an environmental cost. It can also have many benefits.

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    In this collection, Nature Reviews Earth & Environment features a series of Tools of the Trade articles (short articles on a method, instrument, or approach used in Earth and environmental science research) written by early career members of the GeoLatinas.

    Image: Images from Christian Emmanuel Robles Rivera, Valeska Meirelles, and Esteban Jiménez; logo compliments of the GeoLatinas
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    Under extreme pressure, matter can exhibit novel or counter-intuitive phenomena such as superconductivity at unusually high-temperature, unexpected chemical stoichiometries and reaction kinetics, or new material phases.

    Image: Lars Plöger, Pixabay
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    Plastic is ubiquitous in our lives and the environment.

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    Deep water refers to the water, and its constituent ions, in Earth’s interior.

    Image: ©2019 Gemological Institute of America, Inc. Photo by Tingting Gu
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    This November, world leaders will meet in Glasgow, UK for the 26th Conference of the Parties (COP26) to discuss action on the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

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