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    Stressors arising from anthropogenic climate change threaten tropical fisheries and, in turn, those extratropical nations reliant on them. This Review discusses the impact of climate change on tropical fish stocks and catch potential, the corresponding telecoupling and subsequent adaptation measures.

    • Vicky W. Y. Lam
    • , Edward H. Allison
    • , Johann D. Bell
    • , Jessica Blythe
    • , William W. L. Cheung
    • , Thomas L. Frölicher
    • , Maria A. Gasalla
    •  & U. Rashid Sumaila
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    Some landslides creep at low velocities of a few millimetres to metres per year, forced by external factors such as rainfall, snowmelt, earthquakes or anthropogenic forcings. This Review discusses the recent advances in understanding slow-moving landslides and examines circumstances where slow-moving landslides can accelerate and fail catastrophically.

    • Pascal Lacroix
    • , Alexander L. Handwerger
    •  & Grégory Bièvre
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    Climate change affects lakes worldwide and is predicted to continue to alter lake ice cover, surface temperature, evaporation rates, water levels and mixing regimes. This Review discusses recent and expected lake responses to climate change and looks towards future research opportunities in lake monitoring and modelling.

    • R. Iestyn Woolway
    • , Benjamin M. Kraemer
    • , John D. Lenters
    • , Christopher J. Merchant
    • , Catherine M. O’Reilly
    •  & Sapna Sharma
  • Review Article |

    Permafrost-affected soils are an unappreciated but potentially substantial source of nitrous oxide, a powerful greenhouse gas. This Review outlines the global importance of nitrous oxide dynamics in permafrost-affected soils, examines what drives nitrous oxide fluxes and discusses the impact of climate change on these greenhouse gas emissions.

    • Carolina Voigt
    • , Maija E. Marushchak
    • , Benjamin W. Abbott
    • , Christina Biasi
    • , Bo Elberling
    • , Steven D. Siciliano
    • , Oliver Sonnentag
    • , Katherine J. Stewart
    • , Yuanhe Yang
    •  & Pertti J. Martikainen
  • Review Article |

    Pyroclastic density currents are complex multiphase flows originating from volcanic eruptions and account for almost a third of volcanic fatalities globally. This Review discusses recent advances in understanding of the complex internal processes within pyroclastic density currents and how these influence the flow dynamics and hazard footprints.

    • Gert Lube
    • , Eric C. P. Breard
    • , Tomaso Esposti-Ongaro
    • , Josef Dufek
    •  & Brittany Brand
  • Review Article |

    Contamination of agricultural soils by heavy metals and metalloids has severe consequences on human and ecosystem health. This Review discusses the sources of heavy metal(loid) contamination, the mechanisms by which these contaminants interact with biological and geochemical soil elements, and plant-based and microorganism-based remediation strategies.

    • Deyi Hou
    • , David O’Connor
    • , Avanthi D. Igalavithana
    • , Daniel S. Alessi
    • , Jie Luo
    • , Daniel C. W. Tsang
    • , Donald L. Sparks
    • , Yusuke Yamauchi
    • , Jörg Rinklebe
    •  & Yong Sik Ok
  • Review Article |

    Research on compound events has increased vastly in the last several years, yet, a typology was absent. This Review proposes a comprehensive classification scheme, incorporating compound events that are preconditioned, multivariate, temporally compounding and spatially compounding events.

    • Jakob Zscheischler
    • , Olivia Martius
    • , Seth Westra
    • , Emanuele Bevacqua
    • , Colin Raymond
    • , Radley M. Horton
    • , Bart van den Hurk
    • , Amir AghaKouchak
    • , Aglaé Jézéquel
    • , Miguel D. Mahecha
    • , Douglas Maraun
    • , Alexandre M. Ramos
    • , Nina N. Ridder
    • , Wim Thiery
    •  & Edoardo Vignotto
  • Review Article |

    By increasing erosion, mountain building can steer the evolution of atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) and global climate. This Review expands from the canonical focus on silicate weathering to consider the net carbon budget of erosion, including both CO2 sinks (silicate weathering, organic-carbon burial) and CO2 sources (oxidative weathering).

    • Robert G. Hilton
    •  & A. Joshua West
  • Review Article |

    Mesoscale convective systems are an important source of precipitation in many tropical and mid-latitude regions, but can also produce hazardous weather, such as extreme rain, derechos and tornadoes. This Review discusses the formation of mesoscale convective systems, their hazardous weather, predictive capabilities and projected changes with anthropogenic warming.

    • Russ S. Schumacher
    •  & Kristen L. Rasmussen
  • Review Article |

    Hydraulic fracturing can trigger seismic events though a variety of direct and indirect mechanisms, and could result in injuries, fatalities and damage to critical infrastructure. This Review considers six fundamental issues to address how induced seismicity can be predicted or mitigated.

    • Gail M. Atkinson
    • , David W. Eaton
    •  & Nadine Igonin
  • Review Article |

    New, non-compliant emissions of ozone-depleting substances and very short-lived substances challenge the continued success of the Montreal Protocol, and, thereby, the timescale for the recovery of the ozone layer. This Review discusses recent trends in anthropogenic and natural ozone-depleting substance and very short-lived substance emissions, and examines their potential impact on atmospheric ozone concentrations.

    • Martyn P. Chipperfield
    • , Ryan Hossaini
    • , Stephen A. Montzka
    • , Stefan Reimann
    • , David Sherry
    •  & Susann Tegtmeier
  • Review Article |

    The Deepwater Horizon disaster was the largest accidental discharge of oil into the environment, and was intensely studied during and after the event. In this Review, the subsequent advances made in oil chemistry, dispersant application, and microbiology are discussed.

    • Elizabeth B. Kujawinski
    • , Christopher M. Reddy
    • , Ryan P. Rodgers
    • , J. Cameron Thrash
    • , David L. Valentine
    •  & Helen K. White
  • Review Article |

    The El Niño–Southern Oscillation exerts a strong influence on the global climate, including South America, where understanding of the phenomenon first emerged. This Review outlines the impacts of the El Niño–Southern Oscillation on South America, focusing on the mechanisms and diversity of resulting teleconnections.

    • Wenju Cai
    • , Michael J. McPhaden
    • , Alice M. Grimm
    • , Regina R. Rodrigues
    • , Andréa S. Taschetto
    • , René D. Garreaud
    • , Boris Dewitte
    • , Germán Poveda
    • , Yoo-Geun Ham
    • , Agus Santoso
    • , Benjamin Ng
    • , Weston Anderson
    • , Guojian Wang
    • , Tao Geng
    • , Hyun-Su Jo
    • , José A. Marengo
    • , Lincoln M. Alves
    • , Marisol Osman
    • , Shujun Li
    • , Lixin Wu
    • , Christina Karamperidou
    • , Ken Takahashi
    •  & Carolina Vera
  • Review Article |

    The increase in clothing consumption, exemplified in fast fashion, has severe environmental consequences. This Review discusses the impacts of fashion on natural resources and the environment, and examines how technology, policy and consumer behaviour can mitigate the negative effects of the fashion industry.

    • Kirsi Niinimäki
    • , Greg Peters
    • , Helena Dahlbo
    • , Patsy Perry
    • , Timo Rissanen
    •  & Alison Gwilt
  • Review Article |

    Constraining the timescale of magmatic processes in the build-up to eruption is critical for hazard assessments and informing volcano-monitoring networks. This Review discusses the application of diffusion chronometry, which uses re-equilibration of chemical zoning profiles in crystals to extract time information, to understand the timescales of magmatic processes.

    • F. Costa
    • , T. Shea
    •  & T. Ubide
  • Review Article |

    Due to their intense moisture transport, atmospheric rivers are associated with hydrological hazards such as extreme rainfall and flooding. This Review discusses how atmospheric-river characteristics and impacts may change with warming, synthesizing physical theory, observations and modelling.

    • Ashley E. Payne
    • , Marie-Estelle Demory
    • , L. Ruby Leung
    • , Alexandre M. Ramos
    • , Christine A. Shields
    • , Jonathan J. Rutz
    • , Nicholas Siler
    • , Gabriele Villarini
    • , Alex Hall
    •  & F. Martin Ralph
  • Review Article |

    Deep-ocean polymetallic nodules contain an enormous tonnage of critical metals, which are vital natural resources for green-energy technologies and vehicles. This Review highlights the formation processes of these nodules and outlines the advantages and disadvantages for this developing industry moving forward.

    • James R. Hein
    • , Andrea Koschinsky
    •  & Thomas Kuhn
  • Review Article |

    River damming can harness hydropower, control flooding and store water, but can also alter biogeochemistry in reservoirs and downstream environments. In this Review, the impacts of dams on nutrient cycling and greenhouse production are discussed, emphasizing the need to consider biogeochemical cycling at all stages of dam lifespan.

    • Taylor Maavara
    • , Qiuwen Chen
    • , Kimberly Van Meter
    • , Lee E. Brown
    • , Jianyun Zhang
    • , Jinren Ni
    •  & Christiane Zarfl
  • Review Article |

    Understanding the complex geologic history of West Antarctica provides insight into the formation of continental margins across Earth. In this Review, we detail the magmatism, continental growth and fragmentation of West Antarctica over the past 500 million years.

    • Tom A. Jordan
    • , Teal R. Riley
    •  & Christine S. Siddoway
  • Review Article |

    Carbon capture and storage has a fundamental role in limiting anthropogenic warming to 1.5–2 °C. This Review discusses the basis, potential and limitations of in situ mineral carbonation as a carbon capture and storage strategy.

    • Sandra Ó. Snæbjörnsdóttir
    • , Bergur Sigfússon
    • , Chiara Marieni
    • , David Goldberg
    • , Sigurður R. Gislason
    •  & Eric H. Oelkers
  • Review Article |

    Rising sea levels threaten to displace millions of people through direct inundation and increased exposure to related hazards. This Review highlights populations at risk from sea-level-rise-related migration and discusses individual and institutional factors that influence relocation decisions.

    • Mathew E. Hauer
    • , Elizabeth Fussell
    • , Valerie Mueller
    • , Maxine Burkett
    • , Maia Call
    • , Kali Abel
    • , Robert McLeman
    •  & David Wrathall
  • Review Article |

    Vegetation on Earth is increasing, potentially leading to a larger terrestrial carbon sink. In this Review, we discuss the occurrence of this global greening phenomenon, its drivers and how it might impact carbon cycling and land-atmosphere heat and water fluxes.

    • Shilong Piao
    • , Xuhui Wang
    • , Taejin Park
    • , Chi Chen
    • , Xu Lian
    • , Yue He
    • , Jarle W. Bjerke
    • , Anping Chen
    • , Philippe Ciais
    • , Hans Tømmervik
    • , Ramakrishna R. Nemani
    •  & Ranga B. Myneni