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  • Geomorphic and ecological factors shape the effects of sea level rise on the coastal carbon sink. This Review discusses how reductions in greenhouse gas emissions compensate for losses in carbon sequestration as ecosystem boundaries change rapidly in the coastal zone.

    • Matthew L. Kirwan
    • J. Patrick Megonigal
    • Alexander J. Smith
    Review Article
  • An article in Science Advances explores the capacity of protected areas to buffer ecosystems from the effects of climate change.

    • Hannah Hatcher
    Research Highlight
  • An article in Nature Communications reveals that protected areas will continue to include suitable habitat for more than 90% of analysed herpetofauna under climate change scenarios.

    • Graham Simpkins
    Research Highlight
  • Gyres, jets and waves are thought to have an important role in Earth’s core dynamics. This Review explores these core processes, based on satellite observations and numerical simulations, and discusses the implications for deep-Earth coupling and forecasting geomagnetic field changes.

    • Christopher C. Finlay
    • Nicolas Gillet
    • Dominique Jault
    Review Article
  • Emerging technologies can enhance the measurement and analysis of soil data and unleash its potential to support different ecosystem functions. However, concerns about ownership and reward complicate how and when the resulting data is shared. Soil data sharing must be incentivized to promote soil science.

    • Tegbaru B. Gobezie
    • Asim Biswas
  • Although model projections indicate increased El Niño/Southern Oscillation (ENSO) variability in the future, contemporary impacts of anthropogenic forcing on ENSO variability have been difficult to ascertain. This Perspective discusses these contemporary effects, outlining that an increase in post-1960 ENSO variability is likely related to greenhouse gas forcing.

    • Wenju Cai
    • Benjamin Ng
    • Michael J. McPhaden
  • An article in Environmental Research Letters investigates the influence of the Amundsen Sea Low in driving record low Antarctic sea ice extent in February 2022.

    • Graham Simpkins
    Research Highlight
  • A digital twin of Earth would fully integrate Big Data observations within an Earth–human system model, to assess the interactions between these subsystems. This Review explores the current progress in Big Data manipulation in Earth sciences providing pathways toward digital twins of Earth.

    • Xin Li
    • Min Feng
    • Huadong Guo
    Review Article
  • Articles in Nature Climate Change and Geophysical Research Letters explore the impacts of atmospheric rivers on Arctic and Antarctic sea ice variability.

    • Graham Simpkins
    Research Highlight
  • The 2023 Kahramanmaraş earthquakes occurred on active faults that were known to be a high seismic hazard, yet the devastating impacts of these earthquakes show that the risk was not adequately considered. Vulnerabilities arising from exposure, corruption and poverty led to a lack of seismic preparedness which amplified the earthquake risk into a tragic disaster.

    • Ekbal Hussain
    • Sibel Kalaycıoğlu
    • Ziyadin Çakir