Aims & Scope

Nature Reviews Earth & Environment is an online-only journal publishing high-quality Review, Perspective, and Commentary articles across the entire spectrum of Earth and environmental sciences. Topics are broadly separated into the following themes:

  • Weather & climate: the physical processes influencing the climate system and its impacts on natural and social systems (e.g. adaptation, atmospheric science, climate science, cryosphere, impacts, meteorology, mitigation, oceanography and palaeoclimate)
  • Surface processes: the form, physical properties, composition, function, interactions and change in the Earth’s surface (e.g. biogeochemistry, biosphere, geomorphology, hydrology, limnology, pollution, and soil science)
  • Solid Earth: the composition, structure, dynamics, and behaviour of the Earth’s crust, mantle and core (e.g. geochemistry, geohazards, geology, geophysics, mineralogy, petrology, seismology, stratigraphy, tectonics and volcanology)

To accommodate the interdisciplinary nature of Earth and environmental research, integrated Reviews are actively encouraged. Moreover, given human interactions with the physical environment, societal implications — be it from a sustainability, policy, or economic perspective — will also be featured.