Fishing boat washed in land by tsunami in Rikuzen-takata, Iwate Prefecture, Japan.

Giant tsunami monitoring, early warning and hazard assessment

  • Nobuhito Mori
  • Kenji Satake
  • Rick Wilson
Review Article


  • Lucas Silva describes how the centrifugal ice microtrome can liberate air bubbles in ice cores to understand past atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations.

    • Lucas Silva
    Tools of the Trade
  • An article in Earth’s Future describes the role of meltwater and irrigation efficiency in cropland expansion in an arid region of China.

    • Laura Zinke
    Research Highlight
  • The Tibetan Plateau plays a central role in global atmospheric circulation, acts as a key biodiversity hotspot, and delivers fresh water for more than 20% of the global population. Projecting its future uplift and erosion trajectory over geological time can offer potential testable hypotheses into interactions between tectonic and surface processes.

    • Patrice. F. Rey
    • Tristan Salles
    • Kilian Liss
  • Entrepreneurs are important actors in effectively managing marine plastic pollution, but they face unique challenges in developing sustainable business models within an unsustainable system. However, marine plastic entrepreneurs can engage with these tensions to create far-reaching social change beyond their business models.

    • Hanna Dijkstra
  • An article in Global Biogeochemical Cycles examines the impact of water abstraction on nitrogen cycling in the USA.

    • Laura Zinke
    Research Highlight