Brine pools at a lithium mine

Environmental impact of direct lithium extraction from brines

  • María L. Vera
  • Walter R. Torres
  • Victoria Flexer
Review Article


  • Flexible decision-making tools are needed to support action plans for plastics and other pollutants. Reproducible Analytical Pipelines (RAPs) and technological readiness levels (TRLs) will enable systematic validation and global harmonization of plastic pollution monitoring methods.

    • Stefano Aliani
    • Amy Lusher
    • Bert van Bavel
  • Global CO2 emissions for 2022 increased by 1.5% relative to 2021 (+7.9% and +2.0% relative to 2020 and 2019, respectively), reaching 36.1 GtCO2. These 2022 emissions consumed 13%–36% of the remaining carbon budget to limit warming to 1.5 °C, suggesting permissible emissions could be depleted within 2–7 years (67% likelihood).

    • Zhu Liu
    • Zhu Deng
    • Philippe Ciais
  • An article in Environmental Research Letters models the impact of climate change on future trends in hazardous driving conditions along two important transport systems within the Arctic–Boreal region.

    • Michael Attwaters
    Research Highlight