Cats show us new alleys

Reversible catalysts offer energy-efficient alleys over lower mountains and higher valleys.


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  • As scientists of all stripes grow as leaders, it becomes their responsibility to shed light on the opportunities that may be hidden within an apparent failure. Presented as a letter to his younger self, Marc Reid looks back at the time when he could scarcely handle professional rejection and examines the lessons he learned.

    • Marc Reid
  • Gold(III) complexes can undergo facile reductive elimination of aryl halides, particularly when bulky co-ligands are present. This study informs us about the elementary reactions of copper(III) congeners, which are prominent intermediates in organic cross-couplings.

    • David Schilter
    Research Highlight
  • The coronavirus pandemic forced a rapid adoption of online learning. What can be done for teaching the practical elements of subjects like chemistry? Have we learned anything that we would keep outside of lockdown restrictions?

    • Vittorio Saggiomo
    • Aldrik H. Velders
    In the Classroom
  • Surface tension can help peel a 2D drawing away from the paper and convert it into a 3D object.

    • Gabriella Graziano
    Research Highlight
  • A combined experimental and computational approach provides structural insight into amorphous metal–organic frameworks.

    • Claire Ashworth
    Research Highlight
  • A diversity-oriented synthesis approach to prepare libraries of porous materials has enabled the identification of polymers with specific and tunable lithium-ion transport properties that may be applied in the production of more efficient batteries and fuel cells.

    • Stacey-Lynn Paiva
    Research Highlight
Celebrating 15 Years of Covalent Organic Frameworks

Celebrating 15 Years of Covalent Organic Frameworks

This collection celebrates 15 years of research on covalent organic frameworks and highlights some of the contributions that were published in journals of the Nature Research portfolio. We hope you enjoy exploring these snippets on the synthesis and structure of COFs, their physical properties, and their application in fields encompassing energy, catalysis, storage and separation.
  • Johannes Kreutzer