A basalt rich rock (composed of various metal oxides is shown surrounded by streams of water and carbon dioxide resulting in the formation of various metal carbonates

Carbon storage conundrum

Effective storage of CO2 as a carbonate requires us to understand the influence of composition, temperature and pressue upon hydration, dissolution, passivation, ion transport and crystallization.


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    Nature Reviews Chemistry is committed to facilitating training in peer review and to ensuring that everyone involved in our peer-review process is appropriately recognized. We have therefore joined an initiative to allow and encourage established referees to involve one early-career researcher in our peer-review process

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  • Enzyme-activatable chemokine probes have been shown to selectively target tumour-associated macrophages for the first time.

    • Natalie G. Barnes
    Research Highlight
  • #MentorFirst (mentorfirst.org) is an initiative aimed at dispelling negative practices all-too-often still seen in academia, promoting best mentoring practices, and building a community of proactive mentors.

    • Jennifer M. Heemstra
    • Neil K. Garg
  • A diatomic catalyst comprising PdCu in 2D phosphorene rapidly removes nitrates from water by converting them into nitrogen.

    • Hannah Hatcher
    Research Highlight
  • Remarkably simple conditions can convert fac-Ir(iii) arylpyridine complexes to the less thermodynamically stable mer-isomers. The organoiridium complexes are considered highly effective luminescent molecular switches.

    • Stephanie Greed
    Research Highlight
  • Metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) based on oligomeric linkers can be used to understand materials properties of intermediates between pure MOFs and polymeric MOFs.

    • Johannes Kreutzer
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  • A computational framework has been developed to search for molecules with the right properties to make them successful active species in redox flow batteries.

    • Hannah Hatcher
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Farmer pouring fertilizer / water from a conical flask onto a tree made up of molecules.

Sustainable Chemistry

Sustainable chemistry aims to improve the efficiency with which natural resources are used for chemical products.