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  • In 1923, Otto Warburg published his landmark study, in which he described his seminal observations related to metabolic shifts in cancer, often referred to as the Warburg effect. His work laid the foundation for an understanding of how metabolic reconfiguration contributes to cancer onset and progression. Several researchers in the field share their thoughts on what this discovery means to them and how it has inspired their scientific journey.

    • Craig B. Thompson
    • Karen H. Vousden
    • Caroline R. Bartman
  • Bilal Sheikh and Yuxiong Feng share their scientific journey and how it has taken them around the world and given them freedom to pursue their curiosity and own ideas. They share the passion that drives their research and highlight the importance of building a strong, collaborative and complementary team.

    • Bilal N. Sheikh
    • Yu-Xiong Feng
  • Many people with obesity and type 2 diabetes achieve remission of their diabetes after Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery, but the mechanisms of remission remain disputed. We provide our perspective on competing datasets that point towards this effect being due either entirely to the loss of weight or to weight loss-independent effects.

    • Samuel Klein
    • Randy J. Seeley
  • In this instalment of Career pathways, we hear from Gerta Hoxhaj and Ed Reznik about how they followed their passion for science, the value of collaborations and mentors, asking big questions and how to think differently about metabolism.

    • Gerta Hoxhaj
    • Ed Reznik
  • In our tenth instalment of Career pathways, Jin Zhang and Christiane Wrann reflect on their journeys to becoming PIs and the importance of having a vision for your research, finding the right team, and sharing the joy of science through the training of students.

    • Christiane D. Wrann
    • Jin Zhang
  • Evanna Mills and Edward Chouchani share the experience of their successful mentor–mentee relationship and talk about the challenges of starting a new lab — both from a recent perspective and five years on.

    • Evanna L. Mills
    • Edward T. Chouchani
  • Maria Ermolaeva and Liron Boyman share their scientific journeys in this instalment of Career pathways and highlight the value of mentors and collaborators, and the importance of following your research interests.

    • Maria Ermolaeva
    • Liron Boyman
  • In this instalment of Career pathways, Sa Kan Yoo and Youssef Idaghdour share their research journeys across continents and reflect on their experiences of setting up a new lab and finding a research focus.

    • Sa Kan Yoo
    • Youssef Idaghdour
  • In this instalment of Career pathways, James White and Wenjing Du reflect on the importance of recruiting the right people, staying excited and making work and home life coexist.

    • James P. White
    • Wenjing Du
  • In this instalment of Career pathways, Kivanç Birsoy and Sarah Lessard recount their roads to scientific research and reflect on how each step in their training prepared them for life as a group leader.

    • Kivanç Birsoy
    • Sarah J. Lessard
  • Learning to balance work, family, optimism and setbacks is a process for all early-career investigators. Stephanie Correa and Leng Han share their stories in this instalment of Career pathways.

    • Stephanie Correa
    • Leng Han
  • In this instalment of Career pathways, Jing Fan and Edward A. Phelps reflect on fostering their newly formed research programs in the face of challenges both familiar and new.

    • Jing Fan
    • Edward A. Phelps
  • In this instalment of Career pathways, we hear from Anja Zeigerer and Myriam Aouadi about how the support of institutions, labs and families can galvanize scientists’ passion and productivity.

    • Myriam Aouadi
    • Anja Zeigerer
  • The transition from senior postdoc to early-stage investigator is a pivotal step in the careers of academic scientists. In this series, early-stage investigators reflect on their labs’ first publications and the journeys that led them there.

    • Lydia Finley
    • Lawrence Kazak