About the Editors

Like the other Nature titles, Nature Metabolism has no external editorial board. Instead, all editorial decisions are made by a dedicated team of professional editors, with relevant research and editorial backgrounds.


Chief Editor: Christoph Schmitt           

Christoph joined Nature Research in 2010 as an editor for Nature Reviews Cardiology and Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology. In 2012, he moved to Nature Communications, where he managed a team of editors handling a broad range of biomedical and translational research, including metabolism research. Christoph became Chief Editor of Nature Metabolism in 2018 to prepare the journal for its launch in 2019. He studied pharmacy at Heidelberg University, holds a doctorate in pharmacy from the University of Vienna, and conducted postdoctoral work at University College London, investigating mitochondrial function and links between cellular energy metabolism and cell proliferation. You can follow him on Twitter @SchmittChr



Associate Editor: George Caputa

George Caputa joined Nature Metabolism in December 2019. George obtained his PhD in Molecular Cell Biology from Washington University in St. Louis, studying the regulation of RNA metabolism in the setting of nutrient excess and oxidative stress. As a postdoctoral fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Immunobiology and Epigenetics, they investivated the immunometabolic response of adipose tissue during bacterial infection. George is based in the Berlin office. You can follow them on Twitter @curiousdrgeorge



Associate Editor: Isabella Samuelson

Isabella joined Nature Metabolism in September 2020. Isabella obtained her Master’s degree in Biological Sciences (Biology of Cells) from University College London, where she specialised in insulin signalling. She then undertook a PhD in Metabolic and Cardiovascular Disease at University of Cambridge, working on adipose tissue biology, human pluripotent stem cell-based models of thermogenic adipocytes, and adipose tissue fibrosis. Isabella is based in the London office. 



Associate Editor: Ashley Castellanos-Jankiewicz

Ashley joined Nature Metabolism in February 2021. With a background in human nutrition, she pursued a MSc in Fundamental Neuroscience from Maastricht University in order to explore the central mechanisms driving energy homeostasis. She then obtained her PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Bordeaux by studying the hypothalamic role of bile acids on energy balance in the context of obesity. Ashley is based in the New York office and you can follow her on Twitter @ash_castjan