Launching January 2019

Launching in 2019, Nature Metabolism is an online-only journal publishing content across the full spectrum of metabolism research, from basic science studies to biomedical and translational research.

About the Journal

  • Nature Metabolism will publish studies - conducted at the cellular, tissue or organismal level - that advance our understanding of metabolic and homeostatic processes in physiology and disease.
  • We will publish a range of content types including original research articles and analyses, News & Views, Reviews, Perspectives, Comments, Features and Correspondence that elaborate on significant advances in the fields of metabolism and physiology, or cover topical issues.
  • Nature Metabolism is led by Christoph Schmitt, who was previously a Senior Editor and Team Manager at Nature Communications, where he handled a broad range of biomedical research, including cardiovascular, metabolism and ageing research. Ana Mateus, Elena Bellafante and Pooja Jha complete the team.
  • Contact information for editorial staff, submissions, the press office, institutional access and advertising at Nature Metabolism