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    This Focus brings together a selection of Reviews, Perspectives and related research that integrate the most recent advances in our understanding of how the brain controls energy homeostasis. This is presented both from a neurocircuit perspective describing the initiation or cessation of eating, as well as from a more detailed view of how these processes occur at the cellular level.

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    The Career Pathways series features the stories of Nature Metabolism authors and their self-professed journeys to publication as young investigators. This Collection brings together the Career Pathway pieces and the original research published in Nature Metabolism by the authors.

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    Together with Nature Cell Biology and Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology, Nature Metabolism is excited to present a virtual conference in November 2022, focusing on coordination of metabolic processes across organelles, cells, tissues, and organs.

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  • The rapid increase in lipidomic data has triggered a community-based movement to develop guidelines and minimum requirements for generating, reporting and publishing lipidomic data. The creation of a dynamic checklist summarizing key details of lipidomic analyses using a common language has the potential to harmonize the field by improving both traceability and reproducibility.

    • Jeffrey G. McDonald
    • Christer S. Ejsing
    • Kim Ekroos
  • A better understanding of how the brain controls whole-body energy use and storage, as well as eating behaviour, will pave the way for improving therapeutics to fight metabolic diseases. This Focus presents a collection of Reviews, Perspectives and research Articles that integrate the most recent evidence on how the brain controls key aspects of whole-body metabolism.

  • Nature Metabolism and the Nature journals are raising the standards for reporting on sex and gender in research. Starting this June, authors will be prompted to provide details on how sex and gender were considered in study design.

  • Glucose clamps are challenging to conduct in mice and experimental approaches vary between laboratories, which complicates data interpretation and comparison of results. Here, we highlight key methodological differences and propose reporting standards for glucose clamps.

    • Julio E. Ayala
    • Louise Lantier
    • David H. Wasserman
  • Global scientific collaboration should endure despite the humanitarian crisis in Europe.